Critique Me. 21. Any Potential?

I’ve been training for 5 years i am 21 now and 100% natty still would like to know what do you think about my physic and I’m seriously considering going on a more professional level Sorry if the pictures are not the best quality I tried my best Imgur: The magic of the Internet I’m 1m72 for 76kg,

The pictures didn’t load. Either try editing and re-uploading them or use a hosting site like Imgur or something.

What’s your height, current weight, and bodyweight gained over the last 5 years?

Current training and diet?

[quote=“grindingmyway, post:1, topic:223517”]
100% natty[/quote]
Not judging or whatever, but you sure did a lot of research and planning for someone not using.

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No problem it’s normal to wonder, I’ve been planning on taking since a long time but never started yet, I love the sport and I have nothing to hide I know it’s the way to go at high level so I would have no reason to hide it up to you to believe me

No problem at all. Seems like you’ve done well so far. I’d say lats need focus, and bis overpower tris. Also… legs? Lastly, not sure if that swayed/angled/tilted position in your front and back double bi pics is postural or something you’re doing on purpose.

Track down a contest, set a date, and attack it. The guys in the Bodybuilding forum, more than a few are competitors, can give you more specific info during prep.

You are lean with good size , the tall hair takes away from width thu.
Need to become a shoulder pressing machine need mass their and upper pecs.
Pch needs thickened deadlifts variations and front squats.
You are off to excellent start look like a young lee preist.
Look up his workout it will probably be great for you.