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Critique Form On Cleans!


plz i would like to hear any advice from an experienced lifter on my form...
is my form really horrible? do i gain any benefits by doing them this way?
is there a double knee bend? do i exhibit an early arm bend? do i reach full extension?

any comments on form welcomed

i am 69kg, ~175cm



the files are .3gp and can be opened with latest version of apple quicktime




Im too lazy to open a 3gp file(i dont want to find quicktime)

In order to get a better form all you really have to do is experiment with it until you see the gains coming and you feel comfortable. If you feel pains/stress on areas that shouldnt be getting it you obviously arent doing it correctly.
Check out the above gif movies to see how they should be done. What i did is use the hang clean to get my form down(using lower weights, of course).

Good luck dude, cleans are an awesome exercise!


haahha I see you posted here too!


:stuck_out_tongue: lol.... yeah bro i am looking for as many advice as possible cause i am uncoached...


Overall, it actually looks pretty decent. There's a couple things to improve though-

1) Elbow whip: get 'em high REAL fast. It may be a little tightness in your upper back/triceps, only you can tell that, but make sure you snap your elbows up fast when you catch the clean.

2) Triple extension: it's there, but not all the way. I think you may be choking yourself a little bit because you aren't quite getting under the bar fast enough. Make sure you powerfully extend your ankles and knees (hips looked like they almost extended fully, but it's a little hard to tell); accelerate the bar like you're going to throw it through the roof. You'll have time to get under it, don't worry.

3) Little more trap shrug would help. Looks a little abbreviated, related to point 2.

4) No arm pull that I could see. Kinda hard to judge from a camera phone video though.

5) You're doing a great job in keeping proper positioning over your center of gravity and good postures (except the elbows should be higher faster) throughout.

Practice moving fast to catch the bar and you'll be well on your way. Good work so far.



From what I can see at the 5 second mark you don't get triple extension, though you do get under bar quickly.Also, about the double knee bend, I'm not sure, but I think you're supposed to lift the bar with your knees unbending first, and when the bar passes your knees, you straighten your back and thus re-bend the knees slightly, so as to get into position for the triple extension.

Finally, I don't think you're supposed to be in the rock bottom position of the squat for that long.

Then again, I've never done a clean in my life, so what do I know?


you need more power out of the front squat

you should be getting out of of nearly as quickly as you get in it to powerup cos once the weighst start increasing you dont want to spend too much time down there is aint pretty.

apart from that listen to what the other guys have said and dont jsut work on your clean

work on

power shrugs
high pull
front squat

also perfect these techniques and your clean technique will improve.


only thing i can see is you spread your legs wider during your catch. its very minor, but you might want to monitor it, as you never want to replace depth with width


Typically this is how it is done in OL. The width of the pulling stance is narrower than the width of the squatting stance. This is why O lifters "jump" at the top of the pull. He's ok here...