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Critique First Injectable Cycle

22 going on 23… Going to start soon.

Cycle Support
Good Diet/Multivitamin
Whey Protein

Dianabol (25mg daily Weeks 1-6)
Test E (Weeks 500mg a week Weeks - 1-12)

Should i add in Deca or will it be unnecc and not provide much gains?
(when should i add in HCG?)

PCT:Nolvadex(tamoxifen citrate)
Any other good PCT i should use? Maybe Adex or Letro?
Diesel Test Hardcore
Lean Xtreme

Thanks guys.

Im not going to start until i get back to my full old maxes (235x12 oench, 405x8 on squats.)

should adex be run whilst on cycle?