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Critique First Cycle

This is my first ever cycle and would like to put on as much muscle as possible! I was wondering if the following cycle will put a good amount of muscle in the 8 week peroid? If not can someone help me out with the dosages?

Sustanon 250 1amp/week wks 1-8
Dianabol 5tabs/day wks 1-4
Finaplix 60mg/eod wks 4-8

Hey, I used a cycle very similar to the one that you are planning on using (I didn’t use the Finny though). I gained about 20 pounds and kept 15. Make sure you are eating good, ingesting 2 grams of protein for every 2 pounds of LBM, and cycle off using HCG or Tribex-500 (I use Tribex when I cycle off). You probably want to use some Nolvadex or Arimadex because the Dbol can convert to estrogen which can cause gyno. Oh, by the way, I pyramided the dosages of Dbol, starting at 2 on week 1. I got up to 5 on week 4 and then came back down 5,4,3,2. You don’t have to do that but it might save you some money.

I know there are individuals who did gain 20 lb on something like that, there are also individuals who gained 20 lb on the Parillo Diet or Cybergenics… Sometimes people make good gains even with what is a weak program, especially if fat and water gains are counted along with muscle, which is a very easy mistake to make.

As a rule of thumb, 500 mg/week total steroid is the minimal amount IMO for a mild cycle -- let alone one intended to give you as much muscle as possible as you say you want -- and your weeks 1-4 are 425 mg/week. Pretty much right at the minimal amount.

If you're set to make good gains anyway, your body is ready, you have the right training program and now you're hyped for it, you improve your nutrition... you may IMO gain 10 lb more than you otherwise would have if you are a high responder. Which could be 20 lb total.