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Critique Diet & Program?


Hi, I just got out of lurking after ravenously reading all the programs/dieting threads here and am looking for individual criticism as I'm not sure I'm doing everything right. I've been working out for a few weeks . I am into martial arts so I need to balance cardio/weights. I lift at school during spare block/lunchtime.

Program: Max OT
Weight:186 Target:205

5:30 am
15 minutes HI skipping
60g feta cheese
2-3 omega eggs
1 large bowl bran cereal or oatmeal

9 am
Large apple, 1 Flax bread sandwich loaded with meat, dates,OJ Or choco milk

12 :Workout (Mon-Fri)
10 min steep walking treadmill
6-9 heavy sets per bodypart 4-6 reps at near max weight (split), raise by 5% every week
Tons of water, 1l choco milk . 1 Large sandwich. Grapes.

4 pm
2-3 large chicken breasts
1 cup orange juice
Salad with flax oil

7 pm
15 min HIIT skipping (emphasis on technique), Shadowboxing/Plyometrics
(Only on off days)
Protein Shake (I'd rather replace this with milk but not sure if drinking a gallon+ of milk a day is okay?)
Stir fry/Rice/whatever is cookin'

200 g of protein avg
ALOT of carbs
~80 g fat

1 rep max:

Bench:160- I find this one +dips can get more out of me then other compound excercises

Squat:215 (my legs buckle in at anything greater, very uncomfortable for me)

SLD: 250 (This is my favourite BEcause of long arms)

question: I don't get doms in my biceps but do everywhere else, is this normal?

Thanks all!


It's fine that your biceps don't get sore. I don't know of any advanced trainee whose does.

Anyway, your diet look pretty decent for the most part. However, I would dump the choco milk/OJ and add some more protein. You might want to check out Biotests new whey protein. It's a pretty good deal.

I'm not sure what your goals exactly are. It looks like you want to be some sort of athlete/MMA fighter. If that's the case, check out Chad Waterbury's hammer down series. If you're trying to gain muscle, however, your almost certainly overtraining. How many days a week is that?


Are you trying to gain size or lift to enhance your martial arts? What art in particular?


Axe, are you doing any kind of stretching along with your workouts? Like El_Animal said, hammer down is a great program for MMA.


I do static stretch and explosive stretching(I think it's the name). This is all geared toward muay thai/greco roman wrestling but I want to build a solid foundation 5 days a week(split, I am very wary of overtraining) before I get into anything too advanced.

I was considering ditching the juice and choco milk but I am at school and don't have transport/storage for the protein and cafeteria conveniently sells the milk. The reason I work out at school is I also have a job and take the bus everywhere which complicates things.


Did it ever occur to you that you're doing a bodybuilding program which would not be best to help you improve your martial arts game?


Yeah, I'm kind of realizing now, I guess I thought as long as there were a ton of compounds that the programs for MA and BB were almost the same. Thanks for the heads up on Hammer Down!.


I think I have made significant progress since my last post, I couldn't even believe my 1 rep max for the bench was 160 LOL!

Muay Thai and Jiu-Jitsu proved to be too much for my part time job+school+workout so I have decided to move full on into bodybuilding for now. My progress waned as I stopped eating after not being as hungry from k-boxing.

Updated Max:
Deadlift:405 pounds progress:150 pounds(2X bodyweight woohoo!)
Squat:300 pounds progress: 85 pounds
Bench:250 pounds progress 90 pounds

Next targets:dl 500
Squat 400 Bench:300
Weight:230(I am 6'4 so the only think that looks noticeable right now is my back)
What I will do to reach this:calorie intake +1000, start taking supplements, I just ordered creatine, zma and bought a ton of whey so I have no excuse now. Oh yeah and I am struggling on Waterbury's HFT right now and it is kicking my ass. Cya fellas in another year.