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Critique Da Diet!


I listed today's menu in some other thread.

Here's yesterday's.

Bacon, egg, and cheese sandwich (huge multi-grain bagel, american cheese, 3 eggs, fried onions, bacon)

Hoagie sandwich (whole wheat hoagie, 3 slices ham, 3 slices turkey, 2 slices cheese, mayo, lettuce, tomato, onion)
flavored Greek yogurt

Pre-run: Clif bar

Jog 3 miles

Huge salad with blue cheese dressing
7 oz salmon steak pan fried in Balance butter
small bowl of multi-grain pasta

Critique now!


I'm confused. You're clearly from New York and you typed "Hoagie". What IS THIS?!? :wink:

Looks like a healthy normal diet for a healthy lifestyle. Doesn't look like a bodybuilding 'cut' diet. Certainly doesn't look like a 'bulk' diet.

What are you trying to achieve with this diet?

I'm sitting here during half-time in the Philly Eagles game and you're typing 'hoagie' and they're talking about cheesesteaks and now I'm HUNGRY AGAIN!!!


It's my new revamped normal guy, "general fitness" diet, and for some reason I had the compulsion to type it as it's becoming en vogue to seek out diet approval.

This is nowhere near the pristine 4,000-5,000 cals I used to take in.


It all sounds disgusting. But I like you Brick so its okay.


Thanks dude! :slightly_smiling:

You think a bacon, egg, and cheese sandwich is disgusting though? Who doesn't love bacon and cheese?!

If something doesn't taste good, you just thrown bacon on or in it! :slightly_smiling:


Disgusting?! I'm going to Brick's place for vacation.

I want all of that please. But no 1-day diet, try to switch it up, m-kay?

Oh, I didn't exactly critique anything... disregard.


I'll be glad to have you over.

I usually prepare breakfast at home, but if I'm in a rush or just don't want to be bothered I go to the diner down the block and order a Western omelet with cheese or this Mexican omelet they serve (eggs, Jack cheese, jalapeno peppers, onions, tomatoes) with home fries.

I eat lunch at work because it's free and we have all the stuff I want - turkey, ham, tuna salad, chicken salad, cheese, veggies, and fruits. They have regular yogurt, but I go down the block and buy a small flavored Chobani or Fage cup. Sometimes I'll have what they're serving the residents if I like it and it's somewhat healthy (eg, yucca, rice and beans, steak, bacalao - we serve those regularly).

I vary and make a big deal for dinner though. As you can see it requires more preparation. I like to try a new recipe once per week.

As I've said in other threads, I'm DONE with eating more than three times per day. I eat enough at my meals, and don't care for snacking in between because I'm satisfied. I only count total protein, EFAs, and caloric amount and make sure to get enough fruits and veggies too.

I see no decrement in my general fitness routine and running while eating like this.


what are we critiquing, exactly...? You aren't cutting or bulking, so... hmmm


Lunch meat (ham etc) is typically something I avoid. It's associated with cell mutation aka cancer (along with hot dogs, bacon and other processed meats).

I only eat the hippie-style bacon from Trader Joes or Whole Foods. I eat lunch meat maybe once a year and even then, it's only out of necessity.


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Needs more hamburger.


My biggest beef is with jogging 3 miles. barf.

You know, macro-wise, there's probably very little difference between the sweetened greek yogurt and regular plain yogurt.


if you're referring to Smart Balance there, thats a crap substitute for the real thing and you know it



Mayo is disgusting! DIET FAIL!




Actually, I think the greek yogurt is considerably higher in protein.


I really don't understand this. I'm not under the impression that 4-5 servings of whole grain products and 3-4 servings of dairy (which is what Bricknyce is eating) would wreck the majority of people's digestive systems.


It tastes awesome!


I don't care for debating either. We've had debates already here on the topic. I just really don't see what's going on here. You'll see all over fitness forums and Face Book people vilifying dairy and graings. I just don't get it, as people have been doing just fine for a long, LONG time with dairy and grains.

I don't have any gastric upset. I can eat a large sandwich with cheese or a wheat pizza and not feel a thing.


Depends which brand and serving size. A flavored Fage cup has 10 grams of pro, not much more than the 8 grams from regular yogurt. The flavored Chobani cups have something like 13 to 20 grams depending on the flavor.

With unsweetended, there's a signficant difference in fat, carb, and pro content.