Critique Cycle

Hey guys,
I am starting a cycle in 3 days and so far this is what I plan on taking.
Test Prop
Tren ace.

I am going to run it like this:
450/wk-test MWF inject for 12 weeks
300/wk-tren MWF inject for 5 weeks

The 13th week of test I am just going to do 200mg and on weeks 6 and 7 I am going to do 200mg of tren to finish off.

Starting at week 5 I am going to do 600mg/week of EQ for 10 weeks.

One question I have is when I am shooting all 3 for weeks 5,6,7 should I shoot the EQ on the same days as the test and tren.

Let me know what you guys think, any criticism is appreciated!!!

I would run the injects every day since you are using Tren Ace. At least EOD do not go two days without, you will experience a great flux in your androgen levels are therefore more sides.

Personnally I would say leave out the eq and run it like this:

Mix your Tren and Test 50/50 and shoot like follows

Days 01-40 Test @ 50mg / Tren @ 50mg ED
Days 41-42 Test @ 50mg ED
Days 43-63 Test @ 40-10mg ED - quickly taper down to 20mg per day and then for the last few days 10mg.

Days 01-49 Arim @ .5mg ED
Days 50-70 Arim @ .25mg ED
Days 71-77 Arim @ .25mg E2D
Days 78-84 Arim @ .25mg E3d

Have some Dostinex or Bromo on hand for your cycle, plus they make great sex enhancers if you do not use it on cycle (never have used Bromocriptine before though, Also haven’t used Tren). Use Dostinex at .25 EOD when you taper off (around week 7 if you use it thoughout) increase the days apart until you reach 4 (for example - day 1, 4, 8, 13, then quit.)