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critique cycle


That all makes total sense now. when you type drug…amount, drug…amount…that does nothing for me in my newbie state…I need to know the how and why you gave me. Thanks.

If you want a pic or 10. I’ll send them directly to you… I personally don’t feel like blacking out my face and ink and putting it on this site. I’ll send it directly to you via yahoo messenger or an email address. hit me w/ that and you got it.

this way you won’t think i’m full of sh%t in my area of expertise. Thanks

hey, for the oral winstrol you typed this…

Oral winstrol 75mg ed (50mg in morning, 25 mg in evening)

how often is this

umm, tito if your just gonna take his and everyone elses advice with a grain of salt. wtf are you doing on this board?

The oral winstrol is taken on a daily basis. Oral winstrol has an approximate halflife of nine hours. That means if you take 50mg at 7:00 in the morning, by the evening, half of it has been metabolized. Take an additional 25mg and you have topped up the amount in your system throughout the nightto about 50mg again. I also have recomeded taking 50 and 50 but I think for you 50 and 25 would suffice. The other way to do it is take it regularly in smaller increments but I feel for practical reasons this(50-25) is the best method I have used. P-22

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Wow the ‘masters’ student sure has backed down!
Time for an apology Mr.one-whose-ego-is-so-big?

Learning from other individuals’ experiences.

turned it on again.

Oh, and thanks for the dosage and frequency. Makes sense.


Please, son! I guess you have a degree in anabolics, hmm?

I don’t need to back down on a FORUM

grow up.

I offended p22 and was in the wrong…that takes a man to admit. mind your business

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Just so you know, tito, you come across as a giant fool on this thread.

What’s your masters in? Basketweaving?