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Critique Cycle Please


I'm planning on running the following cycle in about 4 weeks.
WK 1-16: EQ 500mg/EW & 25mg Proviron ED
WK 1-6: Winny 75mg/ED
WK 13-18: TBol 60mg/ED
Days 1-25: Tren Ace 75mg EOD, followed by 300mg Tren E/EW for total of 10-12 wks (depends on how long I can tolerate the sides)
Days 1-30 & 45-75: Clenject 0.4-0.6cc daily as tolerated along with ketotifen or benadyl
workout days only-Test Suspension 50mg-100mg 2 hrs pre-workout
WK 1-18: GH 2-4iu/ED (depends on how much I can afford)
WK 1-16:T3 start at 25mcg, up to 100mcg for 4 wks, taper back to 25mcg, at wk#12 start increasing dose again to 100mcg x4 wks
Arimidex 0.25mg EOD
HCG 250iu 2x/wk
Parlodel 1.25mg daily as needed (for prolactin sides)
Nolvadex 20mg ED as needed ( I tend to be sensitive to gyno & arimidex alone won't help)
Finasteride 1.25mg ED
Lorazepam 0.25-0.5mg 3-4x/wk as needed to aid with sleep
**reason for the Tren Ace & then Tren E is because I have an older bottle of Ace(1,000mg) that I want to use first, and then continue with the Tren E.

I'm also gonna use Liv 52, Carsil, Niacin, EVOO, & Omega-3s daily

Obviously my goals are to get super-ripped, hard, vascular & muscular. Goal is to lose 15-20lbs fat & add 7-10lbs of solid muscle

Current Stats:
5'10 3/4"
@13.5% BF (by digital calipers)


What is your cycle history?

Why not do a short cutting cycle and then a short mass cycle?


Nice wish I could afford a cycle like this. How come you are using EQ insted of test as a base? worried about gyno? I'm just asking to learn is all.


I just started drooling.


I've done about 10 "true" (with a couple short experimental cycles and a couple I had to abort after 1-2 shots cause the gear made me sick) cycles of 8-14 wks over the years. Last one was a test e/deca/dbol/tbol/GH cycle that I finished on Feb 2nd.
As for your 2nd question; I'd rather save the bulking for the winter months.


I got the gear at really great prices!
I want to see how my body responds to a cycle without test, as all my other cycles have had test in them. I'm still debating weather to include the suspension or not?! I got some Masteron coming so I may add 500mg Masteron/EW instead if I get it by the time my cycle starts!


you wont have any real blood left, just pure sauce flowing through your viens! Seriously though I think the Omega 3's are the straw that broke the camels back, I would drop those immediately.


I didnt read much of the thread except the explanation of the tren choice.

I would switch the two around. Start with the long ester, finish with the short.

If you arent on TRT you should run a PCT, obviously.


you wont have any real blood left, just pure sauce flowing through your viens! Seriously though I think the Omega 3's are the straw that broke the camels back, I would drop those immediately.

Why do you say to drop Omega 3s? Please explain.

As for PCT, I obviously will start PCT immediately after this cycle!


I will do that!


Obviously you're not a golfer.


He was making an attempt at some sarcastic humor.

You seem to have a decent handle on this stuff.


can i also get some critiques on my planned routine ? for some reason i get a gateway error when i try to create a thread here.

i am still educating my self and doing research, I will NOT go along with this guys until i am comfortable that i have every thing perfected, just want some feedback on what i am planning to run in 2-4months .

I am 25, 5'10 195lbs 15% bf

will be a bulking cycle and looking to put on as much mass as i can, dont care if i have to eat 5k calories a day. i am aiming for 45lbs + gains.

weeks 1-12 500mg test EW (tell me if i need to lower this as this is my first cycle).

do i really need something to kick start the cycle like a oral dbol for 2-3 Weeks ?

Weeks 10-14 Proviron 50mg/D

for PCT

W 14 Nolva 20mg 2a Day
W 15-17 Nolva 20mg/day

W 18-22 Natty test booster

what do you think about this ? any ideas to minimise water retention ?

i am sorry if this is too "noob" if you want just tell me what i need to research more and i will still respect your replies.