Critique Cutting Cycle

Hey t-men and t-vixens! This is my plan for a somewhat drawn out cutting cycle. Please critique the plan. I would be happy to have any comments. My bio in short: former powerlifter has turned into a big punk and wants to look more like a bb. I am 5’11’', 280 lbs., 25-28%BF, 25 years old. I kinda used Brock’s female fat fast as a template, using 4 phases, each lasting six weeks.
Phase 1 - I’m in the middle of right now. Fat Fast using Methoxy, T2-Pro, and MD6. Training is 5x5.
Phase 2 - Moderately hypocaloric keto diet (500-750 below maintenance) using Methoxy and T2-Pro. Training will be Meltdown I.
Phase 3 - Same as Phase 1 only subbing 4-AD-EC for Methoxy. I will use 1/2 the recommended daily dosage for six weeks - this is my first time on androgens.
Phase 4 - Same as Phase 2, possibly subbing Meltdown II for Meltdown I.
Throughout the whole plan, I will use a multi-vitamin and a glutamine/bcaa drink postworkout as per Poliquin’s/Alessi’s recommendations. I respond VERY well to keto diets and near-zero carbs, but I think this is because I’ve got plenty of fat for fuel. When I get closer to 10%, I may switch to T-Dawg instead of normal keto. Sorry for the long post. Advice?

bump … help … please

it all sounds pretty good to me… seems like things are being mixed up enough to keep your enthusiasm up and your metabolism off-guard.i basically did t-dawg style dieting for 16 weeks and i started out at 24% BF. just keep on your plan and change it later if you really need to. a cheat day a week really helped me too BTW.