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Critique & Criticism Welcome


Some constructive criticism is always welcomed...


You’re not really getting your 3rd pull happening - and are going real early on it, hence the hop forward. Hopping forward is often the sign of an incomplete 3rd pull. Looks like the bar is contacting just above the knee… this is too low. Get it up to mid/upper thigh and really extend, landing either in the same spot, or skipping backwards some.
Your elbows are also a little lazy in whipping around. Really try to whip them around as your feet plant themselves.


First of all, and I can’t say this enough, PUT SOME SHOES ON!!!

Your second pull is not ideal as you’re not making any contact with your thighs and the bar is staying away from your body, hence the jump forward. Basically, you’re having to pull your body to the bar when you go under rather than the bar being directed back onto your shoulders.


i agree about the shoes :slight_smile:

keep your chest up from the start, bar close throughout - there are various other bits but no point overloading you! just focus on 1 or maybe 2 things at a time