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Critique/Comments on My Meal Plan

Looking to get some input/advice re: my diet-

5"7, 158, trying to build muscle mass.
I have ramped up calories to about 3400 over the past month.
I was doing 2900 and then 3200 but increased the calories because I have not been gaining weight.

I train intensely 3-4 times a week using a program based off of WSB. (on the 4th weekly workout I started doing 20 rep squats, instead of strongman conditioning)

1 - Breakfast
8 jumbo egg whites, 2 yolks
1 cup plain oatmeal
Spike Shooter (it’s become my morning “coffee,” damn it!)
(74/92/15 Protein/carbs/fat)

5 whole jumbo eggs
(40/5/25 Protein/carbs/fat)

Can tuna
2 whole jumbo eggs
8 OZ broccoli/cauliflower
(51/42/11 Protein/carbs/fat)

1/2 serving Surge and 6 caps BCAA during workout
One serving Surge with 5g cratine post-workout
(38/69/4 Protein/carbs/fat)

8 OZ extra-lean ground beef burger (Foreman grill)
8 OZ broccoli/cauliflower
2 apples/oranges/bananas
(48/70/22 Protein/carbs/fat)

6 (bedtime snack)
2 scoops Metabolic Drive
4 Flameout capsules
1/2 cup low fat cottage cheese
(53/9/12 Protein/carbs/fat)

3400 calories
303 grams protein (38%)
287 grams carbs (36%) (253 net carbs after 34g fiber)
89 grams fat (25%)


Some considerations/options:

First off, you are eating veggies. Often. That is good, work on variety. Spinach, Kale, bok choy, and swiss chard are all near the top of the chart for broccoli replacements. Each has its own beneficial nutrient mix.

Veggies or fruit with morning and evening meals.

Move Metabolic Drive to one shake with breakfast, 2 prebed.

Eat an egg meal consisting of 5-7 eggs. This would be P+F with veggies and spice for flavor. If you get omega3 eggs or free run, you can use 5-8g butter and fry up an little kale until it wilts to a fifth of its orginal size and throw in your eggs and stuff like peppers and onion.

You could probably get away with lean beef.

You could eat up to 2 tins of tuna. Consider alternating between tuna and sardines. With the sardines you get omega3s and vitamin D. Any fresh fatty fish will be a replacement option.

Adding a half heaping tablespoon of splenda and 10-20g cocao to your oatmeal will make it taste like chocolate.

You can vary your fruits too.

Adding quinoa with post workout meal would help with recovery and would contribute to your goals.

I suspect you may be overestimating carb intake a little due to fiber being part of it. Fiber intake looks good on the otherhand and will stay that way even if you change up the fruits and veggies.


I incorporated some of your suggestions:

  • Fruit with breakfast
  • 2 scoops Metabolic Drive before bed, instead of with an earlier meal
  • A meal of 5 whole eggs - protein/fat
  • Instead of just apples, I’ll cycle apples,oranges,bananas.

I’ll check out quinoa next time I’m at Kroger’s.


Anyone? My humble thanks.