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Critique birds deadlift


Hi friends!

Today Ive started back on deadlifts after a 12 month layoff (due to injuries etc etc). I would appreciate your advice.

I know my hamstrings are tight and I need to tighten my core.

The video is of me deadlifting 100kg for 8 reps. This was the last set of 5 I had done. A couple of the reps are pretty sloppy, but I purposely shot the last set so my weak points would be highlighted. I have previously deadlifted 180kg for 3 reps, but that was about 12 months ago. Im looking to build up to about that weight again.

Thanks in advance.



tighten up the upper back and depress your shoulder blades to get the lats more involved.


your hips come up too fast


So much so, that you can put the mouse over your shoulder, watch your hips rise quite a lot before your shoulder moves out from the mouse.

Your upper back is also pretty relaxed.


So your saying I should start pulling up before my hips start to to rise? How do I do that?

In other news; my lower back felt really good after this mornings deadlifts, so I was happy. Was bored this afternoon, so i went along to bikram yoga to get a bit of a stretch in. Early on in the class as I was rising up after a foward bend movement, I feel a almighty spasm in my lower back! Dam! Ive done my back in! Probably will take 3-4 days for the pain to go away. Have a chiro appointment tomorrow morning... hopefully he can click me back in place.

Note to self: no second training session in the day if dedlifts are involved!



Focus on raising your chest at the commencement of the pull, that way you should be able to use leg drive to raise the weight. Shoulders are good and inline with the bar on set up, but when you raise the ass to fast you have to lean forward (shoulders over bar) and use your lower back (like a mini good morning). Best to focus dragging the bar into your shins so you don't raise hips to quick.
Needs a tweak, but not to bad Bird.


visualise pushing forwards from the dick

and yoga is bad for you


It means the angle that your torso makes with the ground needs to be pretty much the same from lift off to knees locking out.

Watch an olympic lifter in slo motion do cleans or snatches. That should make more sense.


Train with someone who knows what they're doing.