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Critique Banded Bench Press Setup/Form Please


So I just got my mini-bands from elitefts, here's my setup for them: They're pretty long so I had to double them up:

This is my first attempt, is there anything I should be doing differently? Thanks!


My question is why are you doing banded bench in the first place?
(not that there is anything wrong with the exercise but it is more powerlifting oriented IIFC and you might get better responses in the PL section)


For the bitches.

OP I have done bench with bands a few times and i have to say it didn't really appeal to me. That's all.


I'm always looking for ways to improve my bench & pec development...For the first 3 years I trained I didn't do a single direct chest exercise so I feel like it's my most lacking area.


Careful with the un-choked bands on a dumbbell. Make sure the DB is plenty heavy.


I'm no expert on benching with bands but when I've set them up I double looped the bands just like you did. I used 100lb dbs to anchor the bands.


(Again, no benching expert), but from experience with bands from the bottom, be weary of using round-edge DBs (which I think you are in the video). If it looks like they might roll at any point then anchor them down with plates. It clearly wasn't a problem here, but I had one roll mid-set and it ended up nasty.

My preference is reverse bands. Been using them on bench and incline for the last month or so. Feel great on my shoulders. Give them a go.


I watched the video. To get a better chest do what the guy on background is doing on the cable station. k thx bye


Thanks! I am actually worried they'll roll away at some point....