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Critique an Ignorant Man's 531 Workout

Hello all and sorry in advance for this no doubt repeated and boring question.

Basically Ive been doing 531 bbb for around 8 months (fierce 5 before it) and I’d just like a bit of outside knowledge on what I’m doing. Are there any glaring issues? Am I missing out on a trick?

185 pounds (84kg)
Deadlift max: 485 (220kg)
Squat max: 363 (165kg)
Bench max: 264 (120kg)
Strict Press max: 176 (80kg)

Now, the aim of my routine is strength (im not chasing competition, i just work better psychologically if I know where I am) and some hypertrophy - both geared towards a nice balanced physique for obvious health/ joint/ posture reasons.

5x10 @ 50% press
8-10-12 drop set lat pulldowns
3x8 rest pause pec deck
3x10 drop set bar biceps
3x10 overhead dumbell ext
3x8 reverse flies

531 Squat
5x10 @50% Deadlift
3x8-10 Leg Press
8-8-6 drop leg curls
Calf raises

531 Press
5x10 @50% Bench
3x8-10 Pendlay
3x10 drop set Seated Row
3x10 Hammer curls
3x10 drop set tricep ext
3x10 Facepulls

531 Deadlift
5x10 @50% squat
3x10 Good mornings
8-8-6 drop set leg curls
Calf raises

3-4 mins rest for my big lifts, 90 seconds for my bbb (5x10@50%), around 2 mins for my larger body part assistance and 45 seconds to a minute for arms/calves/flies.

Also, regarding plateaus. Am I considered plateauing when I cant get more than 1 rep on my 531 week? Or when i cant even get 1?


If you can’t get minimum reps on any week your Training Max is too high. Knock 10% off and start again. I would high recommend using a 85% Training Max when running Boring But Big as a Supplemental.