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Critique 1st Cycle?


Critique architecture of my upcoming first cycle? Im a total noob with juice, so I welcome your feedback on dosage, combos, gotchas, etc. Seems like the more research I do the more conflicting info I accumulate, particularly with PCT. So I really value and appreciate your experienced-based feedback.

43 y/o, 150lbs, 11% BF. Training recreationally for years, most recently with crossfit functional stregth vs. size emphasis. A hard gainer with a super clean diet; paleo and intermittent fasting. Supplementing multi, Omega 3, casein & multi-blend protein, creatine, NOS & BCAAs. Just had blood work done and all markers are superb.

Maintaining a lean physique is crucial; been whittling away at final layer of skinny fat. Prepared to lose some lean during cycle but plan to maintain clean diet throughout. Goal for this cycle is to deepen strength while adding significant lean muscle size. Donâ??t want to add bulk for its own sake. In addition to full-body compound movements (5x5 strength protocol for deads, squats, presses, some oly lifts), Iâ??ll add an isolated split/hypertrophy routine to target specific weak/smaller spots.

Weeks 1-8 Test E, 250mg 2x weekly M/TH (tot of 500mg weekly)
Weeks 1-4 D-bol, 20-30mg daily (kick start dosed evenly throughout day due to short half-life)
Weeks 5-8 Deca, 200mg 2x weekly M/TH (tot of 400mg weekly)
Week 2 â?? 8 HCG 250iu 2x weekly M/TH (tot of 500mg weekly
Continue HCG up to 5 Days prior to PCT

Begins 14 days from last test/deca pin
4 Weeks, Daily Nolva 40/20/20/20 & Clomid 50/50/50/50.

Favorable to combine nolva/clomid into single injection? How about test/deca? Optimal timing for each injection eg. early a.m.? Picked this stack to balance gains with a relatively short cycle, mild impact to organs, minimized risk of sides while maintaining consistent dosing for simplicity of administration.

Appreciate any fine-tuning, recomendations or darwin awards.


Yes but you have to do it into your eyeball. The white part, not the iris or pupil.


good to know. i'll be sure to keep an eye out for that. appreciate the help


Is there any reason for adding deca for the last 3 weeks only?

Your PCT, is it liquid? Im only guessing this because you mentioned putting them in the same pin, which is NOT how to administer them. Infact its scary to think someone might inject RX chems.


Nolva and Clomid are orally administered. Please do not inject them into your eyeball.

Deca for 3 weeks will be inneffective. It needs to be run longer. Also I would not use Deca in a first cycle.

You would probably gain alot of understanding if you researched how varying ester lengths effect the half life of compounds.


This is what you are looking for.
Deca is a shit compound in my experience, gave me ED for a long time. If you wish to use nandrolone I would go with NPP as it will clear from your system quickly should side effects show up although I would never use nandrolone ever again.
A simple cycle of Testosterone and an oral like Dbol works well, alongside the use of an AI and a good PCT. Also theres nothing wrong with using other compounds in a first cycle if you know what you are using and what it will do in your body.
Haha! 'please do no inject them into your eyeball' lol!


How long have you been training for size?

How tall are you?


All, thanks for the great feedback. Of course I won't be injecting orals, or injecting anything into the eye for that matter. Last time I tried it didn't go so well hahahaha. I'm sure that was Balla's way of poking fun at the fact that I thought they were liquid inject vs. orals. I haven't yet procured anything so I prob would have probably figured it out by then... thanks for setting me straight on it.

I researched ester length/half life on test more extensively, hence the dbol kick start & PCT timing. Truthfully overlooked it with deca. After researching it more and feedback here I'm gunna omit it and stick to a simple test/dbol cycle to better assess reaction to sides. For ancillary I was thinking of Arimidex .5mg daily week 1 - start of PCT. Make sense?

Haven't lifted for size in some time. Been strength training more than hypertrophy training. Gunna start hypertrophy training for a bit before starting cycle. Thanks.


Hey Bonez, I'm 5'7"


I think this is a smart plan.

Im not going to say to push the natural gains for as long as possible becuse, afterall, you are 43. But 150 at 5'7 is pretty light. I think you can make some quality gains without getting sloppy if you eat well and train intelligently.


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care to extrapolate?