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Criticque Yesterday's and Today's Food


Just started taking a muscle juice gainer, so I was wondering if I got enuff calories in
3x100gr gainer (80gr carbs, 20gr prot per 100gr)
12 slices of white bread with butter
2.1l skirm milk
4 whole eggs
200gr oats with 900gr yougurt
1.4l milk
8 whole eggs
2x100gr gainer
8 slices of white bread with butter


Are you a vegetarian? Even if you are, the diet could use alot of work.


Nope, Im not. Just out of money and cant afford any meat atm.
Forgot to add, Im 5'7 and 135lbs. How much calories do I have rougly for those 2 days ?


If you're that broke, just buy a ton of eggs and whole milk.


Well Ive subscribed for milk delivery (1.5l everyday) and buying 10 eggs everyday.


Food list for you (in order of priority):

eggs--dozen a day
peanut butter
canned tuna
frozen vegetables


Look, if I could, I would eat like that, but obviously I cant. Just wanted to know how many calories i got in those 2 days, and if its enuff to bulk some. Already 1.2kilos up, 61.2 now.


If you're trying to gain mass,which I assume you are, I would substitute the skim milk for whole milk, also. And nix the white bread, oats are a much better carb source, like the3commandments recommended. I calculated day 1's calories at 2280, though that's not factoring in the butter, as you weren't specific as to how much you were eating.


This site has really helped me find information about nutrition http://tinyurl.com/ybzmfwz


So I should stop eating white bread and eat oats any time of the day ? I thought oats are good only in the morning o.O


"good" in what sense? Regardless of the time of day, oats have way more fiber and will give you a sustained release of energy, instead of a massive insulin spike like white bread. The only time white bread would have any virtue would be after a heavy lifting session, when such a spike would be desirable. If you subscribe to that line of thinking.