Criticize My Shedule Please

Monday heavy squat+bench:
Box squat / Good mornings / Pin squat / Full squat /

  • work up to 3rm, then 1rm
    Bench / floor press / board press / incline small press /
  • work up to 3rm, then 1rm
    Pulltrough / glute ham raise / hamstring curl
  • 4 sets
    Triceps work
  • 6 sets

Tuesday back+biceps+calfs:
Chins wide / small / row chins / pullups

  • totall of 30-60 reps + added weights
    Rows, chest supported DB / BB-rows
  • 6 sets of 1-10 reps
    Biceps work
  • 6 sets
  • 6 sets

Thursday, overhead + speed/deadlift:
Power clean + push press/militairy press

  • work up to 3rm (on overhead excersize)
    High pulls / shrugs / once in a while deadlift
  • work up to 5 rm
    Chins wide / small / row chins / pullups
  • 4 sets of 1-10 reps

Saturday speed:
Box squat

  • 8x3 /10x2 / 12x1 @ 60%
    Speed bench 8x3 /10x2 / 12x1 @ 60%
    Triceps isolation work
  • 5 sets
    Abs, low rep
  • 5 sets

Goal is to increasy strength, comments please?

I’d combine tuesday and monday and do the calf and bicep isolations between compound sets. (It’s called staggered training I believe)

So you’d add chins to monday and have more volume but you’d get tuesday to rest.

I would split it up differently, either an upper/lower or something like lower/back and then all other upper stuff on another day. Also I think you need to do more for your abs and hamstrings, benching and squatting on the same day is kind of dumb in my opinion, your not going to get as much out of whatever your second exercise is, in this case your bench variation. Good luck

One thing, I would lose the “speed” work for the bench and squat. When you perform those exercises in that manner the majority of the energy you’re putting into the bar is spent DECELERATING it during the concentric…not good. If you’re looking to improve your “speed”, i would recommend performing jumps → barbell jump squats and med ball throws → plyo push ups. or, you could keep the day as it is and perform the lifts at a moderate pace for a sub-maximal effort day

The Soviets found a while back that the best strength gains in the power lifts were made when performing them at a “moderate” tempo.

good luck

Tnx 4 the comments guys! I’ll put in some more abs+hamstring work. I’ll rotate my speed bench and squat with the excersizes you indicated to see what benefits me more.
On monday I will rotate every couple of weeks to start with bench instead of squat.
The reason it isn’t a ub/lb split is cause I think it’s boring.
Sorry for my bad language :wink:

Do u do deadlifts? posibbly replace the speed day with deadlifts, deadlifts should be with your back work so go with this maybe:
monday: same bench and squat ect…
Tuesday: off

Wed: Back (deads, chins ect…) calfs and bi’s

THursday: Bench and shoulder work

Friday Squats

that way ur still benchign and squatting twqice a week and add in deadlifts, it might not be enough recovery in which case just cancel thursday and put it with friday