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Criticize My Program


Work schedule

Monday: power/force absorption, speed work, limit strength work,
Tuesday: recovery
Wedsday: recovery
Thursday: basketball
Friday: basketball
Saturday: recovery
Sunday: rest

I will have to alternate what I do on Mondays because I play basketball on Thursdays and Fridays so high intensity work must come earlier in the week to give me ample time to recover for my back to back days of basketball.

Core work (abs) will be done on the recovery days, as will be gpp (general physical preparation) work.

The main focus on speed training days will be starts (5-15 yrds) and acceleration (15-40 yrds)

The limit strength work out focus is strength and overall size of the shoulder griddles as well as overall all strength and explosiveness in my legs. in the past I have been using wave loading, as of now I have been using the AGEG system which can be found here: inno-sport.net/Training%20Basics.htm

since I am in school this schedule is likly to change.

any thoughts?

Thug Poet


only 1 workout per week?


One rest, 3 recovery days, 2 BB and 1 workout. Exactly how do you plan getting stronger??????



You could do multiple smaller workouts that would be easier to recover from and build your work capacity so that you can add more workouts or workout closer to basketball and still recover. But if you think you won't be fresh for basketball I guess once a week beats nothing at all.


I apologoze if I am missing it, but where are you lifting weights in that program?


I lift weights on mondays when I pick to

I have to work with what I got... until I finish school I have to work out like this
maybe I can do a workout on weds. every other week and just keep the Volume and intensity low. what about that?


Too much "out" and not enough "work"

Seriously though .... why do you need to rest Saturday after basketball? By Saturday afternoon you should be feeling pretty great. You could fit a workout in there and recover on Sunday. Then workout again on Monday. At least then you'd get 2 workouts. Every second week on Weds too.

"maybe I can do a workout on weds. every other week and just keep the Volume and intensity low. what about that?"

What the? keep the volume AND intensity low? How about keeping the volume low, OR the intensity low. There isn't much point wasting your time on some half-assed workout. And I don't mean one legged squats.

Put one on the Saturday. It don't need to be too hard. You got all Sunday to recover.


A little less resting and more working out please. I mean really...is this the couch potato workout or what?


Thug Poet

Your going to have to correct me if I am wrong here, but are you taking basketball seriously or just for fun? The reason why I am asking is two days of basketball is nothing. Trust me I have played overseas for the past two years, and I plan on getting drafted this summer. I checked your past post and pretty much everything is focused around ball. If not then stop reading now.

I have been playing ball for the past 15 years (includes: starting, college, overseas) I really can?t remember two consecutive days that I have not played ball. Nor do I think that any other ?elite athlete? will say that he has taken 3 rest days. A rest day for me might include a short 3 mile run or just 100 times 10 spot specific shots.

Play ball, LIFT WEIGHTS, and if you have time squeeze in plyos. I am sorry but college scouts aren?t amazed at dunking anymore, you missed that boat. So plyometrics are one of the last things you should be worried about. A great jump shot will take you further then great jumping these days. Overall coaches art looking for potential, can they develop you into a player that will fit into there offensive or defensive scheme?

Your routine:
As you can tell no one is for your routine, and if your basketball workouts are as hard as this then I know you?re not ready. This is what I do; this is what my younger brother does. Who btw will be playing in the McDonalds All American game this year.

Mon: Weights before school, basketball after
Tues: weights before school, basketball after
Wen: rest
Thurs: weights before school, basketball after
Fri: weights before school, basketball after
Sat/sun: Rest

I really hope you understand from all of this, is that
"dedication" is the only thing that will get you anywhere. If you choose not to take my advice then good, spread your outstanding schedule to your friends please. It will only make it easier for me to dominate you in the future. If you ever make it!



I'll ad one more routine day


Am I the only one who thinks this is either a troll post or else someone who couldn't find their ass with both hands and a map?

Surely nobody is silly enough to post this routine, in a serious tone, and expect constructive criticism. Where do you start?

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well it seems as if I hit a nerve... I was serious with this program...

anyway to paytonsp no I don't play to make it in the nba or overseas, its for PE. the reason I can't work out all hard like you guys suggest is because when I play basketball I get real bad charly horses I mean real bad and once I hit that level I am done 4 at least a couple of days, its not that I won't work hader it's that I can't...

and on the recovery days I am doing things to increase my work capasity lifing light weight for reps,gpp stuff, sled dragging ect its not like I am doing nothing all week...

guys I came to you all for advice and help, not to be picked at a made fun of. I mean really its not like I came saying what I do is the best and I am better then all ect I came really looking to learn and to better my program. people nowadays!


It all depends on your work capacity and how hard the basketball days are. Basketball is a great sport to use a high-low split on. In the summer, something like this would work well:

Monday AM- Limit Strength Work
Monday PM- High-Intensity Bball work
Tuesday- Tempo Runs + Abs
Wednesday- High-Intensity BBall Work
Thursday- Low-Intensity BBall Work + Abs
Friday AM- High-Intensity BBall Work
Friday PM- Limit Strength Work
Saturday AM- Low-Intensity BBall Work
Saturday PM- Moderate-Intensity Weights + Abs
Sunday- Rest

High-Intensity basketball work would be stuff like any full-effort scrimmages, dunking practice, full-court dribbling or defensive work, stuff like that.

Low-Intensity basketball work would be spot shooting practice, technique work or ball-handling drills (like blindfolds, etc.). This stuff should be done a little bit every day, but some days a full workout should be made out of it.

Hammer your body, work your ass off and back off when appropriate. Monitor your indicators such as resting heart rate, vertical leap or grip strength, if there is a sudden drop-off that lasts a couple of days, then it's time to back-off.

It is much more dangerous (in terms of being left behind as an athlete) to under-train than to over-train. If you over-train, you can always back off and reap the supercompensation.


Also, you said you get bad charlie-horses when you play. This is a problem you need to address immediately. This is not a normal thing and not something you should just accept.

1.) Focus on your hydration. Drink tons of water. It also could be a vitamin issue- I'm not sure that's an area I don't know too much about. Taking a multi can't hurt and it might help.

2.) It could be (and most likely is) tightness in your glutes or hamstrings. Do dynamic flexibility work every day before your workouts (check out the Magnificient Mobility DVD- I got it yesterday and it's terrific) and get a good static stretch session in after your PM workouts- check out the Hardcore Stretching articles here on T-Nation.

I agree that the flaming has been undeserved (he's not coming on here with an attitude or anything, he's legit asking for help), but not totally unwarranted. People are being harsh, but also partly true. Try to look at the message behind the criticism and see how that can apply to your training.


You asked for criticism so I'll give some, although I hope it's constructive. I think everybody is missing the point here. You should be following the K.I.S.S. principle. Keep it simple stupid!

You're program doesn't really make any sense to me. First of all, rest and recovery are synonymous. Second, speed work, wave loading, how advanced do you think you are?? It sounds like you're way too worried about overtraining. Have you ever even been overtrained? Do you even know your limits? The other thing you said that really bothered me is that you can't work any harder. BULLS***. How do you expect to make progress with that kind of atttitude towards training??

Also I would have to assume that you're results aren't fantastic with this program or you wouldn't be asking for advice. My advice: go back to the basics. Get on a three or four day weight training split and work the compound movements, etc, etc. Work your ass off and eat like crazy.

Hope that was constructive enough.


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