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Criticize My Cycle for Strength


Long time browser first time poster. So first my stats .

6"3 228 lbs , approximately 12-15% bf and been lifting for 8 years . (All natty so far)

Now the first cycle I have planned , purely for strength gains .

Test E weeks 1-12 @ 250 twice a week
Var weeks 6 to 12
Adex weeks 2-16 0.5 eod (then taper down to week 19)

Pct Nolva weeks 14-18 @ 40 mg E/D then 18-20 @20 mg E/D
I also have Clomid but unsure if I REALLY need to run both .

This with lectro on hand incase I need it.(unfortunately cannot get a hold of HGC)

Aside from any improvements I can make to my cycle. I have mild puberty gyno and was considering a lectro cycle( C Binos protocol) to lessen it. Would it be best to do this before the cycle or after and what sort of gap between the two would be optimal ?

Any help would be greatly appreciated . Ne as cruel as you like :wink: . Eapcially cycle length as I know 12 is about the max


Answers in CAPS above


I was intent on running the var so will definitly run that up to PCT. Also run Nolva for longer on a lower dose . (I did read the sticky about lowerPCT dosing but opinion seems to vary )

I’m 28 and one very small lump in one Pec (not really noticeable ) and fatty gyno in the other , which is noticable.

Thanks for the push in the right direction. Researching that has thrown up such conflicting ideas .


Var is outstanding for strength, there’s better but it’s better than most, you’ll enjoy it.

There is a lot of conflicting information out there; some of it is because we all have different experiences and reactions, some is because there’s several ways to do something, and unfortunately a lot is based on inexperience or only having tried one way, and worse is the parroting of bad information by some.


Yeah well I’ve been reading up for 4 years now and still have unanswered questions .

As for Var, seeing as I’m purely after strength (some size would be nice though) I thought it would be a decent adition , especially if the gains from the test level out . It’s also nice and “safe” for a first cycle .