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Criticize My Bulking Diet


Hey everyone.
I'm 5'11 around 177lbs, trying to gain weight and have a crazy metabolism.

Currently Eating:

Breakfast:3 eggs 1 banana

Lunch:1/2lb chicken breast and 1 medium/large sweet potato for lunch

PWO:Shake with 2 scoops whey (2 scoops whey=240 cals 48g protein), 1 banana

Dinner:2 cups cooked rice and 1/2lb pork chop

Bedtime: Extended release protein (2 scoops totaling 250 cals and 42g protein)

Throughout the day: total of 1/2 gallon of milk (1200 cals, 64g protein)

Vitamins/pills: daily multi and 3 fish oil capsules(30 cals) and 6 beef aminos (36 cals 9g prot)

Just started eating this a little over a week ago (previous monday), have put on a little bit of weight since then. Considering adding another meal of 1/2lb hamburger and 2 cups rice later on. Occasionally I'll add a salad with heavy italian dressing before i go to sleep.

When I ran numbers on it previously total cals were around 3300-3400 a day.


Are you kidding..you want to gain weight and thats all your eating...


People are too individual for anyone to tell you if you'll gain muscle on this. If you're eating 1.5g/lb or more of protein and 3 weeks from now you've gained 3lbs, it's probably good. If you've gained 10lbs scale it back. If you've lost weight, increase cals.

...rinse repeat for a few years


As I stated, I'm probably going to up the cals this next week. If I add a 1/2 lb of hamburger and 2 cups of rice that'll add another (340+450)=790 cals.

I'm starting conservative and building up the cals based on results. I have a friend who's about to break 230lb eating 4000 a day, so I'm not too worried about having to add another 2000.

Given, I probably have a faster metabolism, but I'm also 50lbs lighter.

Having an actual picture/stats would add a lot to your credibility. Thanks for the constructive input though.


SCJ, thanks for the input. What you're saying makes sense. I guess I'll just have to judge it by the mirror/scale.

I was halfway hoping for someone to tell me if I'm too heavy as far as a certain macro, or really lacking in something.


I bulked last fall on 3100-3300 cal/day and at basically the same weight and height as OP. This is a rather ignorant post.


Personally I would eat a bigger breakfast and replace the milk with real food. You may be using milk for financial reasons.

You've only tried your current plan for 1 week.
Give it a solid 2 weeks and if you gained good weight than stick with the plan.
If you didn't gain weight then add more calories.
If you gain bad weight then scale back the calories a bit.

Every 2 weeks reevaluate your plan and decide if you need to increase, decrease, or not change your calorie intake.


Good post. It really is that simple.


Hmm thanks ACTrain. The milk IS mostly for financial reasons, but eventually I can either phase it out or just add more solid food. I need to get used to a bigger breakfast, but to be honest prior to this week of the diet I would never eat breakfast. I need to get used to eating breakfast before I increase my intake by that much more.


whats up Blaze?

Ok I will echo what the others are saying with have a bigger breakfast. I dont know if you like the shake thing in the morning but thats what I've been doing and I like it. Early in the morning i can definitely throw down a delicious shake with more cals than I could eat regular food... then I just have second breakfast later.

What does your training look like? Are you doing lots of cardio or anything like that which would cause you to gain weight more slowly?

Give the diet another week or two and see where you're at IMO.

Have you been playing COD lately? I played a little yesterday and today but thats about it. I've been crazy busy with school and wedding planning.


bulked from what to what though? a move from 175 to 185 might be a step in the right direction but is far from a bulk. so unless you moved from 175-200+ id say you probably should have eaten more.


Haha It's going pretty well greg, thanks for asking.
I've honestly never tried a shake in the morning, I might have to give it a try. One of my friends tells me i should take in carbs at breakfast to get energy for the day, but I don't have time to sit and eat a bowl of oatmeal. What kind of shake do you take? Just classic whey and milk?

Training on a five day split right now:

then maybe cardio on saturday for only 30-40 minutes, all steady-state.

I'm actually trying to regain weight at this point. Over Christmas break I stopped working out and cut way back on the eating for a little over two weeks and lost 13lbs. I wish I was kidding or exaggerating. Then I was really unmotivated and didn't really get back into it and went back down to 170ish (was at 187 before christmas break)

I guess I'll see where I am by the end of the week as far as adding calories or just moving them to breakfast.

I haven't been on COD in over a week, my live actually ran out like two days ago. I've just been hella busy with school. I'll probably go pick up a new 12 month card on friday and play some over the weekend.

I've been reading your log, you're doing work. I just haven't gotten around to posting in there yet. haha.


170-190 in the first 10 weeks. Then I had a knee injury, so I'm not sure where that would've ended up. Obviously, I'd up calories if things ever halted. I just wanted to point out that you can see results gaining taking a more conservative approach and it's ignorant to assume a daily number is too low for "bulking" without knowing a damned thing about the OP's training and lifestyle. I sure hope it didn't come across as me patting myself on the back or anything. I was just the first example I could think of to prove my point...lol.


i totally understand where you are coming from but sometimes people misunderstand things that are posted around here. the answered offered most often to the question "why arent i getting bigger/stronger?" is you arent eating enough. telling people to be conservative with their eating when they are already eating small is like telling old people to drive 10 over the speed limit when you know they are more than likely going to drive 10 miles under it anyways.

moral of story: DRIVE FASTER OLD PEOPLE. fuck.


my morning shake is basically the same (depending on what my goal is at the time) but when i was trying to add more muslce it was:

2 scoops chocolate protein
2 bananas (cause they were medium sized)
2 tablespoons of PB
1 cup Oats
8 oz water
Blend that all up and then add 10-12 ice cubes I think? blend it all again and you have a delicious shake that takes 10 minutes to make and drink. The breakdown on that was:
1,060 Cals
76g of Protein
104g of Cabs

Not too bad for a quick breakfast. You could add milk instead of water for more cals or a shot of EVOO for even more cals if you want.

ok well it doesnt look like you're doing too much cardio stuff so i dont think that will hold you back as far as gaining weight goes.

sounds like a good idea to me

Once you get that live account back up and running lets run the streets. I know what its like being busy... man does grown up life and responsibilities suck some times lol
Thanks for checking out my log too man :slight_smile:


People here are always going to be biased by their personal experience too. Most of the members here started lifting to get big, because they were tired of being scrawny. I'm one of the minority who started lifting to cut, because I was tired of being so doughy my whole life. I think there's much to be learned from both perspectives whether it's hey EAT MORE, or ok not THAT much more.


Yeah... you need to eat a lil' bit more. Especially breakie. Have a least a 5 eggs omelette, cooked beans-- I usually mixed them with some cinamon or other spices and a bit of tomato sauce --, natural yogurt with fruit, piece of ham and wholemeal toast. Yum yum. Can't be bothered to get all of this in one go? Just like Gregron advised, blend some protein shake with bananas, flaxeed, natural yogurt, oats and maybe one egg. Tasty!


There seem to be two types of people in regards to bulking: those who are afraid to go under their daily calories for fear of not growing; and those who are afraid to go over their daily calories for fear of getting fat.

In an observer's opinion, by looking at the physique of those on this board, the former seem to have more success. I personally started thinking that way and have gained 30lbs since Sep 1.


Myself, I've put a bit of weight during the past year. I went from 195-230 (in about 3 mos) then dropped down to 225. I did this while working a very physical job, so personally I had to hog back some fairly serious groceries. To me your total cal/day maybe seems a little light. However, like ACTrain said, monitor your progress and adjust accordingly. The scale doesn't lie. The only specific thing I would suggest is a little more fat in general, specifically more fish oil. In an article on this site (Mass Made Simple, good article IMO) Dan John suggests increasing your intake by one capsule a day until things get a little "runny", then back off a little from there. When you determine the right amount I would then suggest you replace the caps with a liquid "pharmaceutical grade" product. If you can afford them BCAA's are a really good idea too, but if it's either or, I think I'd do the fish oil and pro powder for supplements. Make sure you've got your sleep (8hrs+) and hydration (4 liters+) squared away as well and reduce stress wherever possible. Just my opinion/experience, hope it helps man.