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Criticize Cutting Diet


Height: 5ft11 Weight:165lb Bf:10% Arms:15" Chest: ?god knows anyway!
Im looking to get rid of the lower fat covering the bottom abs!
the top four are visiable but i just cant seem to lose the last amount at the bottom! i think i have platued! been low carbing for a while now :confused:

Meal 1: 40g Oats & 2scoops whey (25carbs30pro) ( made into a choco porridge)
Meal 2: 100g Chicken + 25gnatural Pb + Brocoli (30pro&15fat)
Meal 3: 100g Chicken + 25gnatural Pb + Brocoli (30pro&15fat)
Meal 4: 20g Oats & 2scoops whey (12.5carbs30pro) (3hours before workout) (made into a choco porridge)
Meal 5: whey shake & bannana (20carbs&30pro) (post workout)
Meal 6: 100g turkey & 25g natural Pb (30pro&15fat)

Works out to be
70Carbs(alowing 10 from non direct carbs sources such as AnPb)
200Pro(alowing 10 from non direct pro sources such as AnPb)
50fat(alowing 5from non direct fat sources such as oats)
Calories: around 1600

I was looking to follow this monday throught to saterday
Training monday, tuesday, thursaday, friday, saterday
cardio wednesday, thursday, friday, saterday 40min mid intensity

and on a sunday having folowing the diet up entil the 6th meal and having a "cheat" meal to spike the matabalisom!?


At only 165 lb. how much fat do you realistically think you need to lose?

It would seem that your time would be better spent by focusing on building muscle at this point so that you actually have something to show when you do get lean.


About 8/10lb i would say to be 100% ripped
i just want to clearly see them once there there find my maintinace and lean bulk over summer


That's what everyone says and it doesn't happen, they just get obsessed with their 6/8 packs and don't train right or eat enough when doing their "bulk" for fear of losing it.

On the diet criticisms:
-I believe your calories are a bit low, unless your metabolism is actually that slow (and I don't think it is, or you wouldn't be 160lbs)
-Your PWO shake looks weak as hell, unless you train that lightly and without intensity

I'm no nutrition expert, only for my own diets, so I won't suggest alternatives for you. Maybe someone else will.

Lose the ab obsession, summer is almost over. At 10% BF (if that's true or accurate. At 160lb it might be, but with more mass you should be able to see your abdominals fine at 10%), if you gained some mass bulking very cleanly (ie slightly above maintenance), you will lean out faster than if you tried to cut those last 10lbs.


1600 calories..... You really need to up your food alot. especially since you don't have any pre or during workout. I think you need too add more muscle to fill yourself in IMO. Then after you fill out you'll love handles will go away. It worked for me anyway. I'd recommend to try and get more muscle and keep same bf.


5'11" and 165? Skin and bones. Get some more weight then cutting will be easier due to the increased muscle mass. At a whopping 5'8" I'm sitting at 184 at 8.7% bf and just feel small (now that I'm back under 200). I can't imagine 165 at your height. Also learn to spell. Firefox even has a spellchecker built in.....Triple your calories, get some meat on you.



You'll look terrible if you drop 10lbs. You won't come off across as "ripped" to anyone, merely malnourished.