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Criticism On My Upper/Lower Split


I do an upper/lower split Could use some criticism

Monday: lower
Back squats 3x5
Deadlifts 4x5
Snatch 4x5
SLDL 3x10
calf raise if there's time 3x12

Flat barbell bench 4x5
Wide grip pullups 3-4x 7-10
skull crushers 3x10
preacher curls 3x10

Thursday:Lower body
Box squats 3x5
Deadlifts 4x5
powerclean to front squat 4x5
SLDL 3x10
calf raise if there's time 3x12

Flat barbell bench 4x5
pendlay row 3-4x7-10
military press 3x10
standing barbell curls 3x10

main goal is drop 3-4% bodyfat over time while adding lean mass hopefully gaining 20+ pounds this year, gaining massive strength.
Weight 160 pounds
bodyfat 14%
Bench max:185
Squat 200
Deadlift 290



Change your pressing do some incline maybe DB,

I would dedicate One day to squat on to DL and DO them, then assistance work

You want to drop to 10% and gain 20 lbs thats a rough set of goals id go for that gain first and then take off the excess after..



I agree with Phill, I'd also include more presses, especially an incline variation. Young guys typically spend too much time doing isolation movements for the arms, a mistake as they're not going to give you the size and strength you're after. Pressing, chinning and rowing heavy will give you the strength and bulk you're looking for much more efficiently, and will give the bi's and tri's sufficient work as well.

Lower body days look good. Also, don't try gaining mass and strength while trying to cut at the same time. That won't happen. Eat big (but clean) and lift big for a few months. At your age you should be able to add a substantial amount of muscle to your frame while staying relatively lean. Worry about getting leaner once you have some meat on your bones.


I personally believe that something like snatches and cleans fall more into upper body power then lower body, so that's where I tend to put them, I just feel it more in my upper back then my legs.


In addition to what has been said already, I'd do the Olympic lifts before everything else.


And you're doing too many hamstring movements. Remove the SLDLs.


not wanting to drp the bodyfat quickly. mayybe gain 2-3 pounds and lose .5-1% a month.
Honestly my gibbest goal is to increase my bench, squat, and deadlift. It makes me kind of wary of doing incline benches.

I'm a very pec dominated bencher. So it's ok to just have bench press as my pec movement right?


You're young enough that if you're training and eating correctly, you shouldn't worry about getting fat. I'm guessing you're just starting to develop, so your body will make some of the changes on its own. I know I can't handle the DL twice a week. I would keep the DL to Thursday. I'd replace the skull crushers with something like a JM press and the preacher curls with a row variation.