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Criticism on Deadlift Form


I am looking for opinions on my deadlift form.


looks good, go heavier


Second that, it's easier to see where your deadlift is at when you're struggling a bit more


Cool, this was a short video of my "deload" day on 5/3/1. Thanks for the info


Form is great for low weight. You're most likely going to find that your butt is too low, your knees are too far forward, and your shoulders aren't forward enough for pulling your max. As you jack up the weight, don't be afraid to let your body find it's own groove, but keep your basic form tight.


Agreed. Only thing I see that you could use a little more hip flexion and not so much knee flexion when initiating the pull. Basically get your butt a little higher and further back. Either way, you look much better than that guy on the treadmill in the background.


It's fine but it means nothing. Everyone's got great form with light weights.

Get one from your next heavy workout.


pull your shoulders back and keep the lumbar region arched




It doesn't look like your lock out is really locked out. You're finishing your lift with all lower back power. You may not have the glute strength to get your hips pushed any farther forward at lockout right now though so I would just keep doing what you're doing and try to hold your lockout and flex your butt muscles and stretch your hip flexors in between all your warmups.