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Criticism and Advice Please.

This is my latest progress pic 5’8" 203lbs, and am looking for some advice on what to focus on next. I’ve been training for 13 years. I was about a steady 190 lbs for approximately a year- used a 3 week Velocity Diet and got down to 181 lbs. Currently at 203 as of the picture.

Bench 365
Squat 505
Deadlift 455

I am tempted to do another short cutting phase as I have put a few inches around my middle. But I also want to focus on adding size to my chest, arms as my legs overpower everything else.

I am looking for some constructive criticism and advice please.

people get chewed up for not having a couple shots so here’s another.

back shot as well

Dude, your legs are frickin huge. With bigger arms and shoulders you’d be in contest shape after cutting.

well done, can i ask what your training is like ?


Your upper torso shows overall good strength, recommend you start growing more on the incline press, throw in db flyes and cable work to give it more shape defined lines ~

Your arms are lagging a bit behind your upper body, so work on getting them to tip top shape and shoulders too!! I think you have the potential to do a lot and it’s obvious you have the strength and power to go much further!

DO IT DO IT! Good luck!

Also what all do you do for your back?

You need to bring your upper body up to match your lower body

You look great. Really impressive legs. Some good gym numbers as well. You’re way more advanced than me (50-100lbs more on the lifts you posted), so this won’t count for much, but I think you should consider doing maintenance work for legs, then putting all your efforts into your upper body for a year or so - especially shoulder press and incline bench.

I don’t see why you shouldn’t cut beforehand if you want to. Anyway, keep up the good work.

You have a good physique underneath that layer of you know what.

Be interesting to see you cut a little. Maybe drop 15-20lbs?

How come that your deadlift is so weak compared to your squat? You legs seems long and great fort pulling some heavy weight.

Looking powerful. Those legs look like they belong on the Juggernaut! Great lift numbers and as others have said just need to bring upperbody on par with legs.


Not bad, but it looks like you need more work on your traps, arms, and lats. Good quad development and not bad numbers on your lifts. Deadlift is really low compared to your squat. I am only squatting 450+ but hitting 550+ on deadlift which is the complete opposite of your numbers.

Overall not bad.

Your profile says 10% body fat, that seems a little low for the pics.

First, thanks for comments, and some good advice. I definately need work on upper pecs and shoulders…and arms.

Responses: my deadlift is so weak compared to my squat because I have a complete avulsion of one of my hamstring muscles. One doc said it’s the long head of my biceps femoris.

When I had a knee surgery I asked my surgeon to look at my hammy and see if surgery was an option. He took a look at it, noticed that it was a complete tear right through the middle of the muscle belly and asked me if I had ever tried to sew spaghetti together.

That took care of that- I’ve done a lot of work to bring that hamstring back up- but there just isn’t as much tissue left so it’s tough.

My training has been more for performance/heavy weights than bodybuilding style. I do a lot of Westside based workouts. More recently (last year or so) I’ve been trying out Waterbury and Thib based workouts.

My back work is usually some variations of weighted pullups, bent over rows, deads, good mornings, sometimes db rows, and I throw in seated cable rows for postural work.

I threw in a shot of calves and hamstrings to show right hammy you can see some strange shape to the muscle- that’s the leg I tore up.