critical window of opportunity for

…creatine phosphate uptake to the muscle.

That’s right! A T-Mag copycat, whom I refuse to name, has come up with a ‘new’ breakthrough type of creatine.
Why should you take it? According to the editor, there is a CRITICAL window of opportunity for creatine replenishment within 10 minutes of finishing a workout.

That’s hilarious considering such window of opportunity has never been shown or supported by research, and that creatine stores are replenished within 3-5 minutes of finishing a set.

This idiot - the editor - has been roaming the pages of, a website dedicated to our current and prospective servicemen. Apparently he’s created a forum in the mil website dedicated to fitness where he publishes articles pushing his products forward like new baby jesuses and promoting his online mag. Of course, no references are given for his articles.

Our servicemen work very hard for their income. If you want to make money out of our military do it in an honest no-bull way!

For fuck’s sake.