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Critical Problem

I’ve been working out for some time new, and ive recently started skinny bastard III by Defranco.

its going good , and i enjoy the workouts, but im not recovering from the soreness especially when basketball is my #1 sport and i practice it everyday.

me playing basketball and doing drills is bothering my workout ( not 100% ) as much as my workout is bothering my performance with basketball.

what should i do? and i stretch warmup etc all of that

Check out in that very same article the in-season template. That should help a bit.

Make sure to get enough sleep, and eat more. Also, look into foam rolling.

some suggestions:

  1. drop your max effot to 80%
  2. stop the dynamic-effort lower body and do a speed day. (mobility, frequency, and speed)

may i ask how much protein you are consuming? if it’s less than 1gram per pound of body-weight, it may be part of the problem. increase intake and see how you feel.

Do you take ZMA? It improves my quality of sleep.