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Critical? or Something that can be Overlooked?


Hi all, I am 21 years old and I am going to start training for real this year.
I have lived with legs of differing lengths (by about 1.5 cm) since I was 8, due to a car accident and the surgery that followed.
I have had no problems with an aching back nor any visible imbalances in my body.
I am just curious as to whether such an irregularity will hurt me when the weights are increased in training, especially on squats and deadlifts. So far the 1RM on my deadlift is about 300 pounds, and nothing feels wrong.
I really don't want to injure my back.. yet I do want to get muscular
Looking forward to some great input.


Not sure if exactly relative, but look up WaylanderXX here. He has scoliosis, yet has developed quite a physique.


I have something similar; I had a benign bone tumor when I was 9 and after the doctor fix it my left leg is 1 cm longer than the other. The only thing I have noticed is that my right hip flexor tightens up quicker than my left and my vatus medialis on my right leg is more defined than my left leg. To correct this I started doing unilateral quad exercises and it seems to be correcting the issue. But I have always been able to deadlift and squat without an issues or discomfort.