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Critic My Routine


Hi guys i'm not very new here, been lurking around for some time. Decided to sign up and get your opinions. (i'm doing jim wendler's 5/3/1)

Monday: chest
Bench Press
65%-5 reps

and 6x6 close grip
and 6x4 incline dumbbell bench

Tuesday: back
Bent-over rows
65%-5 reps

and 5x5 reverse grip rows
and 3 sets 12,8,6 of lat pull downs

Wednesday : rest
Thursday : slight cardio/rest

Friday: legs
Close-r stance Box Squat (quad style)

and 5x5 front squats
and hamstring curls (6x3) OR walking dumbbell lunges 3x20 paces+ each leg

Saturday : shoulders
Standing overhead press (military press)

and 2 sets of delt triad
which consists of
15reps side raise + 15reps front raise + 15reps dumbbell press

Sunday : Rest


My diet is around carb cycling, with most carbs on friday - legs day.

on monday-tuesday-saturday(which are my training days)
Protein - 220+ grams
Fat - 70-80 grams
Carbs - 50-90 grams

protein - 220+ grams
fats - 50-60grams
carbs- 120-150grams

Rest days
protein - 200+ grams
fats - 80-100 gramms
carbs - as minimal as possible

hah btw i'm 17 and i am cutting currently, too much stomach flab. bf percentge(don't have a body fat measurer but i think its around 17-20%) :slight_smile:


oh yeah if anybody is gonna ask about my lifts,
these are strictly NON e-lifts. i do not see the point in exaggerating any lifts as I've come to the beginners section for help. :slight_smile:

Bench : 187 pounds
Overhead press : 145 pounds
Squat : 264 pounds
Deadlift : 315 pounds


Hmm I'm one the fence as to having max effort back exercise, first because it's hard to get a true 1RM on it for % calculation because it's a fine line between, acceptable body english and too much. Second because you only have 1 leg day per week. Where's your damn deadlift day!
Wendler's original program goes with 2 leg day, 2 push day and back as assistance. You also don't have direct ab work.
I would stick more closely to the original programming, just cause it makes more sense. Also don't have 3 pushing exercises on chest day, two is enough. A "back' day isnt necessary if your put deadlifts in and pepper the back exercises in your push days.


hmm okay thanks. (actually i never knew the original program had 2 leg and 2 push), does that mean one's hip/hamstring dominant and the other is quad dominant? also my gym doesnt allow deadlifts ( yeah stupid i know ) but its okay i've found a cheaper and better one :slight_smile:


You mean that gym doesn't allow success?
Well where the hell did you find 5/3/1 if you didn't see the original program?

read this if you haven't already: http://www.tmuscle.com/free_online_article/sports_body_training_performance/how_to_build_pure_strength

you can of course modify it, but stick to that plan for the most part.


nah my gym doesn't allow ''dangerous'' movements because some dumbass got injured doing some wierd ass movement so they had a personal instructor who said deadlifts are ''dangerous'' so it got banned.

Anyway i saw that post already, just didnt realize it didnt include back as part of it. okay so
sunday rest

Does that sound better?


Id throw in rows and stuff with your military press day. Dont do box squats, no need for them at this point in yout training.


hmm okay thanks for your advice. about the box squats, my back has been bothering me for quite some time and i realised it doesnt act up when i do box squats which is why i've been doing box squats. :slightly_smiling: maybe after a feel cycles of 5/3/1 i'll switch back to standard squats


okay thanks. about the box squats, my back's been bothering my and it doesnt act up when i do box squats...which is why i'm doing them currently. after 1 or 2 cycles i'll switch back to standard squats :slight_smile:


Your gym.... banned dead lifts?

My since sympathies.