Critic My Fullbody Workout for Hypertrophy

Hi CT,

Currently I can only workout for 3 days a week. I have come up with this program please critic it. I know this might not be optimal but I hope it is progressive.

Squats 4x8
Dips - 4 AMAP
Incline Bench – 4x8
Pulldowns -4x8
Horizontal rows – 4x8
Kirk Karwosaki rows – 5x8
Preacher Curl – 3x8

Wednesday 5X5 day
Deadlift 3x5
Flat bench Press
Shrugs 100 rep set

Pull ups - 4X AMAP
Cable flys – 4x15
Incline Dumbell press – 4x8
Chest Supported rows – 4x8
OHP – 4x8
Squats - 4x8
Hammer curl -3x8

Do you consider this as a good program or you would want to suggest any changes. I was considering a 3 times a week split too but thought that would lack frequency.