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Cristobal Arreola - Anyone Watch?

Did any of you watch his fight last night on HBO? Any comments about it?

From what I’ve heard I wish I would have.

It was fun while it lasted. I wish that Walker would keep his hands up more, or at least learn some head movement. I think that Arreola needs some head movment too. Being that immobile and with that little head movment, damn, the Klits will CRUSH him.

Sloppy. All the talk about him being the next great heavyweight is depressing if that’s the best we got.

His physique is not all that impressive, but hes 26-0 professionally and has won 125 amateur bouts. I doubt you will find any other American Heavyweight fighters with that kind of pedigree in the American boxing game right now.

big, agressive, and decent amateur pedigree.

i have high hopes for him as far as representing the USA in the heavyweight division, as well as being latin american(like me)


conditioning needs to improve, and i agree with the previous posters, without a lot of movement and conditioning, after 5-7 rounds of eating the long left jabs of the klitz, he will get tagged.

Just watched it again.

The guy’s got power, as any big guy sitting at over 215 does. He’s got potential.

However, he looks like he’s in terrible condition. He looked fat and sloppy, and swung wildly- not a straight punch in there.

I don’t know. He wouldn’t touch Klitcscho. If he did, he could hurt him, but I doubt he would last.

I hope he does well. I would love to see an American back on the stage at heavyweight besides Holyfield (sigh).

good point too Irish…

lots of wild looping punches, that combined with his reach disadvantage, will taylor make him for the klits long hard straight lefts and rights.

does have potential.