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Crisis of Faith?

Hey, there are still ‘nerds’ reading T-mag and living like a T-man. So have a little more faith.

Hope that helps.

Still working on that computer science degree.

Good luck mate - already finished mine. Working on comps all day long now. Along with wifey and kids I could have been the ultimate nerd. Life had been great before I started training, and is even greater after, so why lose faith?

I completely agree with what TC had to say once again. With that being said I’ll say _uck less, be more patient and helpful, and try to share more than tang-tales. I’ve decided to finish up school earlier and become a police officer.

You already are a police officer.

Good going Wideguy! Im military…so I can appreciate a guy like you doing public service.
And the tang tails?..some are funny…but most of us outgrew that kind of adolescent talk back in high school. Sex is too easy to talk and joke about…everyone likes sex…everyone enjoys it. And a common subject like that can be beat to death…witness every stupid comedy show that relies on sex jokes…

And to all…keep being Tman and T vixen and striving to do better and help others!

Currently completing my M.Sc in Exercise Physiology. AND since school doesn’t equal smarts, I’ll also note that I own an exercise and nutrition consulting business.

Keep the faith.

Currently in my third year of double majoring computer science and electrical engineering (3.0 GPA and the only junior in most of my CS classes…damn grad students and 5th years all over the bloody place!!). Oh, I also play rugby 8 months of the year too. :slight_smile:

I gave up running nuclear submarine propulsion plants a long time ago. We used to keep our weights chained down in shaft alley (you know where the big turny thing spins the screw that pushes the boat) and do pull ups on the hydraulic piping (we were smart enough to not use the steam pipes). Is that brainy enough?

I’m a software engineer with a degree in math at a large corporation (how large? Most of you use or will use something that I had a hand in). I’m planning on going back to school to get a PhD within the next few years.

i have a pe degree and dont spell well…big martin

Dr. D what are you talking about???

This is a email reply I sent over to TC about the article. Enjoy :slight_smile:

TC, you hit the mark this week in your Atomic Dog article.

I haven’t seen Street Smarts, but I know what your talking about. How can people go through life like that? I couldn’t. I hope all T-men work as hard on their intellect as hard as their body. I know I do and with this article its obvious you do too.

I took some of the advice in your article, to “pick up any newspaper and it?s not hard to find evidence of this epidemic of stupidity”. I was reading about a group of white supremacists were having an initiation down South when one of them fired a gun into the air for “authenticity” straight up towards the sky. A few minutes later, that same bullet “entered and exited the skull of one of the participants, killing him daid.” (paragraph 16, last word)

What the fuck is this? What kind of dumbass would write “daid” instead of “dead”? There is no such word as “diad”. Hell this guy can’t even spell at the grade 2 level. Why would I ever read any of his articles again? Why is this guy a writer? What the fuck is that? Looked over his bio, editor my ass. People like this piss me off, lie about your resume to get a job. At least he’s smart about that. But I would think (along with the T-Mag staff and the billions of readers from all over the globe) that this guy is a DUMBASS!!!

Anyways, its good to see people like you telling it like it is. Thats exactly what I do, tell it like it is.

DP, Busting Ballz

TC was obviously using the word “daid” for humor because it sounds like a Southener saying “dead”. Like writing “nekid” instead of naked. Duh.

Nekkid has two Ks.

steelyeyes, I looked it up and it’s been spelled both ways. I just can’t believe it’s not in the dictionary. lol! I read the other day where “phat” will be in most dictionaries soon, as well as “McJob”.

My email to TC…

Hi TC,
So your looking for academic accomplishments by T-men? Well here’s my
list from this past year (the list is too long to go further back)…

            1. Awarded numerous scholarships including a competitive

undergraduate summer research fellowship open to all Canadians involved in
cardiac research.
2. My undergrad thesis is currently in manuscript form to be
submitted for peer-reviewed publication.
3. Graduated with my B.Sc in June, 2003 with double majors
in Biology and Chemistry, and a minor in Mathematics.
4. Currently working on my M.Sc. in Molecular Cardiology
(specifically Ion Channels)
5. Have had 2 abstracts recently accepted for publication.

I hope this puts me on your "Honor Roll".


The only thing left is to lose your virginity.

Dr. D-Lo…I assume you’re talking to me. And so I remind you that TC asked for accomplishments not involving sex.

And besides, bagging me would be on HER list of accomplishments…not Mine!