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Crisco omega 3 canola oil good?


I've read conflicting reports on canola oil. Some say to use it and some say to just stick with coconut oil and olive oil. I found this canola oil at the grocery store, and it looks pretty good to me, but I thought I would see what everyone else has to say. I haven't looked much into fats and oils until recently, so I'm quite a noob in that department.For those too lazy to click on the link the breakdown goes like this:

Saturated Fat 1g Trans Fat 0g Polyunsaturated Fat 4g Monounsaturated Fat 9g



If it's not cold pressed, its been heated, treated with chemicals, and deodorized to make it visually appealing. Most Con-ola is Genetically modified, which according to Monsanto itself, triggers immune responses.
Now, to make it "healthy", they add DHA. Margarines do the same, and are the same, Garbage.

Crisco is not about health, they are about profits. Avoid!


No, stay way from this shit.


Just use butter.


Canola has three virtues:
1) holds up well at high temps (high smoke point, unlike olive)
2) doesn't taste like olives
3) it's cheap

But normally I stick with olive/coconut/butter for cooking.

The real disappontment is when baking cookies. If you use about half butter and half-crisco (the solidified hydrogenated stuff), they taste sooo good.