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Cris 'Cyborg' Santos Tests Positive for PEDs




Not surprised

She seems to hold a ridiculously low body fat percentage for a woman, year round, rather easily.


What a great day for my country

Vintage Wanderlei with a wig gets caught using stanozolol and Hermes Franca gets 4 years in jail for molesting a minor.


cant believe anyone will be surprised by this.

at the top level of ALL international sports, there is doping going on, though I think compared to other sports probably less goes on is prizefighting than others.

pretty much everyone knew Santos was using, and like me I am sure many it was just a question of when she would get caught.


Yes...most definitely. I knew it was a matter of time after she blamed not making weight on "woman problems" with her fight against Hitomi Akano.


The "excuse" is a dietary aid she used for cutting weight.



I don't believe it for a second. This is about the persecution of horse meat, and horse meat alone.

Oh well, still my favorite female MMA fighter.


Robert A


Man the whole supplement industry is tainted with steroids!!

rolls eyes

This was a cool excuse the first time someone used it. Not so much when your the 20th fighter to somehow test positive from "tainted" supplements.


Was just gonna make this thread. Not surprised, actually surprised it didnt happen sooner.

Oh and here's some even better MMA gossip. Hermes France, sexual predator.



No surprise here at all. It was only a matter of time before this man-faced cheater was caught. A few things: 1. her excuse sounded just like all the other cheaters who have been caught. 2. She has been doing it for years; the other forum I lurk on people are actually saying that she just started using, how else could she have passed all of her other tests over the years. 3. Winstrol was just what she tested positive for, pretty sure she uses test or other androgenic drugs, hence her appearance; 3. I think this is far more egregious when a woman dopes because she is essentially making herself more like a man to fight women. 4. ALL steroids have muscle building properties. Some Shertards argued that Winstrol is only used to cut weight, and that she couldn't have gotten that way from using Winstrol, but really all help recovery, build muscle, etc, some just to a greater extent and some lead to greater weight gains due to water retention, etc.

Mind you, I have no problem with AAS users in a non-competitive environment. I don't care if Joe Blow wants to use test so he can look better at the beach or whatever. If you want to dope and powerlift, go lift in the APF or other non-tested feds. But if you want to dope and try to hide tests and lift in a tested fed, you are a pussy and a cheater. If the rules of the sport you agree to compete in say doping is illegal, then its cheating if you do, simple as that.

Sorry for the disjointed rant, I am in a hurry lol.


Ah dang it, girl!

Well, after she serves ban, I hope she comes back even stronger and fucking destroy the competition over and over again.

Hell, I wouldn't mind Cyborg kicking my fucking ass.


Hell yeah...and how is that these guys and gals NEVER ever present the product they claim was tainted...lol On another note: this type of crap sure doesn't help with those who are trying to take supplements away from us.


I get the double entendre and I like Chris Cyborg, but

this is ill advised.

Chris Cyborg is like a vintage Wand. She doesn't win nice/easy. She curb stomps people, and then walks over to there corpse and says nice things.


Robert A


I actually missed your Vintage Wand before I made mine.

Where the hell have you been? I assume you were watching FireFly and Serenity.


Robert A



And this is why I like her style. She is no-nonsense. She doesn't want to look good nor sexy. She's the kind of fighter that cause her opponent to piss themselves even before the fight begins. And they're still pissing themselves after she'd knocked them out.

Female MMA was in need of someone like her. MMA is not about looking good during or after a fight. If you choose to be a fighter, then get ready to get stomped, grounded and pounded and bashed up till your face gets blue and your eyes swell, and, worse, get spit at once you hit the canvas.

I'm still laughing at that fight vs Carano. They were all worried that Cyborg would bruise or damage her lovely face. And I asked myself, are we into cat walk competition or bloody combat event? Just because they are women, they don't have to play nice with each other.


Completely agree with everyone says here. And Sherdog is great for MMA news but please dont tell me you actually bother to respond to the thousands of complete fucking retards that post on those forums. :wink:


Glad she got busted, its been obvious for a long time that she was using something.

She probably will come back and continue to kick ass, since she got away with it for so long, im sure she could do it again.

Oh, but thats if there even is a division to come back to, as Dana White seems to be leaning towards getting rid of it altogether after this fiasco.


If it was a modeling comp than Gina would never have got away with not making weight every other event. That really was a fight between "dedicated fighter" and "really tough pretty girl that wants to be an actress at this point".

I don't condone cheating, but I assume that most high level athletics involves skirting rules or gaming them for advantage. I don't disparage male fighters who I think may be on, I am going to cut Cyborg the same slack. She is only as "evil" as Sonnen, Leben, Bonner, Sylvia, Marquardt, Belfort, etc. She may be as "evil" as Dan Henderson (anyone with a legit education in endocrinology want to explain to me how someone who has always been well muscled and functioning as a high level athlete suddenly needs test replacement). She is one third as "evil" as Josh Barnett (and holds a curb stomping win over one of his students, Baszler is amazing in her own right though).

Hell, I liked watching Monson fight/grapple and he flat out states he has juiced in the past but never got caught.


Robert A


As far as it being no different than when Leben or Sonnen got busted, i have to say i agree with DreCappa. A man doing it is still cheating, but a woman doing it is essentially making her more like a man. There is a reason we have women's divisions. And anyone who thinks this is something she has just started or that she's not on some test also is crazy.


Why she use Winstrol man? Detection time for that is 2 months.

They should all be using Test suspension. Yeah its incovenient piunning 3 times a day, and your blood levels are all over the place, but its out of your system in hours. Then your only concern is T/E ratio, which is what caught Sonnen out, cos his were waaaay off the charts and returning test levels to SOMEWHERE between the normal range when you get tested... but that shouldn't be too hard to do consiering in combat sports (unlike random year round olynmpic style testing) they give you plenty of warning as to when they're going to test you, so yu can stop using the the test suspension and get your levels down pretty quickly - well, for some reaons Nate Marquardt din't manage to do that, even AFTER being warned.. but then he's an idio, I mean, they were actually HELPING himg game the system.

"Hey Nate, your test levels are astronomical, if you have these levels by fight night, we're going to have to fail you, please stop takikng the piss and get them down by then, k??"

Which obviously means that hese commissions don't test for synthetic Test suspension metabolites (which are made from plants) as it's too expensive for them...........OR, you could do what a lot of fighters do and claim hypogonadism, therefore any test you use WILL be synthetic, therfore all you need to be concerned about is geting yourself within the "normal" range when they wanr you about testing.


PS - Hendo is an old ass man, man, he's bound to have low test and qualify for HRT, plus he's never been a muscled fighter