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Cris Cyborg Conditioning Workout


A taste of the CONDITIONING training she did for this weekend's fight.


is her real name cyborg?


Are you fucking with me,T?..lol.

Cristiane Santos. She shares the same nickname of "Cyborg" with her MMA fighter husband,Evangelista "Cyborg" Santos.


Maybe I am, maybe I'm not... It's kind of late here. lol


This is exactly why I can't wait for this fight! These ladies are really pioneering MMA for women! I'm a huge fan of both fighters.


Santos is a real sexy beast minus the sexy part.


Whats wrong with that? I almost named my daughter android.


What are talking about? She is the sexy.


Anyone that has a problem with premature ejaculation just keep a mental image of that face,problem solved.


She reminds me of the boxer lucia rijker, I think carano could get million dollar babied in this fight.


I actually envisioned Cyborg doing the above.


Yeah, sexy...

If a female bodybuilder with a bannana clit is your stand for "sexy"...


Well, if my last name was Cyborg, I'd name my Kid "Optimus" or something fucking cool like that. "T-Rex Cyborg" has a nice ring to it too.


I'd just name the kid a model number like I-8000 Cyborg so its like the newer better version.


Bad ass training. Like I said before she trained harder and was hungry as fuck. Clearly showed when she fought...... I do find her sexy in a odd kind of way. I mean throw a little make up on her, get hair done, some nice high heels, nice summer dress and I'd take her ass out no problem....


Let's put things into perspective.


Her hubby is not quite Brad Pitt either is he now.
I think they are well matched.


Wedding picture from a Brazilian website.


Her training is outstanding on that link above. I am both impressed and inspired.
I want to train like her. I take my hat off.
I saw an interview with her in Portuguese and she is extremely focused.

They both want to have baby Cyborg but she will set out to achieve a name for herself first and do something good for women's MMA she said. Then pop the baby and go back to training.
She said she had always wanted to be an athlete and has found her place in fighting.
She is obviously too focused in her performance to care about aesthetics.
She means business.

And she was very very sweet in the Brazilian interview.