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Crippling Pain After Every Shot of Test E 250


Hi I’m 29 and decided to do my first cycle of Test E only for 12 weeks with a PCT. These are the specs:

Solution: Test E 250mg/ml from UGL
Pull Needle: 18G
Pin Needle: 25G 1"1/2 (40mm)
Cycle: 500mg/week using 1 pin

I administered the first 2ml shot in the quad 1 week ago. I first pinned the left quad and got immediate involuntary muscle twitches of the vastus lateralis. I left the needle in for a bit but decided to pull out anyway. I believe I touched a nerve.

I then went on to pin the right quad, this went smoothly, no injection pain to speak of, the only difficulty was the injection itself, I believe being a high gauge needle and area of solid muscle the needed force to push it out was quite high. Anyway I thought everything went fine. My quad was soar but to me this was just expected PIP, however in about 4-8 hours the pain got worse, the crippling kind of pain. I noticed both legs were hurting the one I just pinned but did not inject into and the other one that received the Test E solution.
after about 8 hours I started feeling feverish and generally not well.

At about 12 hours I hit the sack with crippling pain and a light fever (intense sweating and shivering). For some reason I still thought this was normal. The next couple of days both my thighs hurt however my right hurt more. I had to take a day off work because I got hardly get around. Before getting up I had to wiggle my legs around for 2-3min to “warm” the muscle before I could cripple around. This injection was on Sunday 1 week ago, my right quad recovered around Wednesday, my left quad on the other hand kept hurting and I would say was functional again (ie could do leg day) around 1 week later on Sunday (so almost one week of recovery).
My research told me this could be plethora of things:

  • High BA
  • Virgin Muscle
  • Bad Gear
  • Test fever
  • Quads are generally notorious sites you either have slight PIP or crippling PIP
  • Crashing gear (mine looks clear as can be in the vial)
  • Too High Test E concentration
  • Too fast injection (mine was around 2 min)

I’m sure this was not an infection as there was no sign of one, the area wasn’t hot or red, it was just generally swollen and not that extreme either, after a few days I could feel some bumps on my thigh, and the swelling seemed to migrate slightly downwards and more to the middle of the quad.

Now after recovering from this ordeal and, having to skip 4 of my 6 workout days, I did some research and decided for my next pin to change sites, this time I used the VG as this came out to be the most idiot proof site and according to medical research it’s better than glutes. The day before I was training myself over an hour or so in finding the correct VG site to eliminate any margin of error.

So one week later, yesterday, and I’m ready for my second shot. This time I decide to give the gear a hot warm bath before injection to make the liquid less viscous. I use my alco pads to clean everything off. I insert the needle VERY slowly in my left VG area and immediately feel something is not right, I’m sure I hit a nerve ending as the muscle starts to contract if I apply force on the needle. I decide to pull out and reinsert 1cm away . This time the needle slides in all the way as smooth as butter. I take about 3 min to inject, even though the solution was warm it takes so much force that I had to pauze for a bit to recover some strength. But everything went fine, I massaged the area for a bit and went on to my Cardio routine which ended. I had some PIP but for some reason I felt good about this pin and hoped for the best.

But oh boy was I wrong. I started to get the EXACT same symptoms as I did on my quads. Pain was getting worse by the hour and about 12 hours later I was walking like IGOR, this time dragging my leg behind me. My VG area is currently slightly swollen, but skintone is normal, it’s warm to the touch but not hot. I had the same fever symptons last night, was soaking wet during the night and this is also when I learned that some crippling pain is better than others. For instance the quad cripple allowed me to sleep like a baby since I did not feel the pain when laying or sitting down, only when I started moving or climbing stairs, so I was at least getting a good night of sleep. The VG pain though does not allow comfortable sleeping, since your buttocks area gets the most pressure applied to it when sitting or laying doing any slight movement will hit the Glutus Medius as well and will give you a jolt of pain waking you up immediately. So I hardly slept last night, even a 1g dose of dafalgan did not help.

I decided I wont touch this gear anymore, it’s not worth it. Not being able to workout for a week after a weekly injection defeats the purpose. But it’s just so annoying that I can’t figure out the reason. I thought it could be an allergic reaction so I decided to rub some of it on my forearm and keep it there for some hours however I saw no reaction.

To me the real mystery is the left quad which I only pinned but did not inject into besides a negligible amount that was on the needle. This negligible amount was perhaps enough to irritate that muscle as well but not for the same length of time. I think this gives me a clue that perhaps the gear contains something my body does not tolerate. and just for the sake of science I even want to pin my virgin right VG without any solution just to see what kind of reaction and PIP will follow the coming days from just a bare needle going in.


I didn’t read the whole post but most people get a dead leg after pinning a virgin quad…

I remember my first cycle, couldn’t walk after jabbing!

If you are alcohol wiping the vial stopper and pin site with separate wipes, your gear isnt funky and you are using fresh pins and barrels then infection is very very very rare.

Make sure you are pinning into the side of your quad, not onto the top where nerves and veins like to party…

Plenty of videos on youtube on where to pin to double check…

Also, after pinning, massage the area firmly.


Yep the whole injection process was proper. The site was also well researched. What surprised me most is the VG site which crippled me as well. However 2 days later now I seem to be doing better than the quad shot. I’m still limping and in pain but it seems to be wearing off more quickly, perhaps it being a smaller muscle? However looking at it in proper daylight right now the area is reddish but nothing too extreme.
I’m no longer touching this gear, it’s sad as I have two untouched 10ml vials left. I wish I could compare it to some human grade gear.


this is pretty strange. a few things we can rule out though:

it’s not an infection. your gear is not crashed if it looks clear. you’re not injecting too fast. the test concentration is fine, assuming the label is accurate.

The virgin muscle would be my best guess. My first cycle, I only did quads. Sometimes, the site would hurt for several days, even a week after pinning. Other times it would pass in a day or so, but usually I felt it for at least a day or 2. It was bad enough that I tried other site in my next cycle (delts for me). Delts were smoother, so I did that for awhile, but I got a fair bit of bleeding and gear leakage, so I decided to stop that. Eventually, I threw quads back into the rotation. These days, I get zero pain. The only change I made was pinning higher up on the quad. I used to pin too far down (too close to the knee).

As a side note, you might consider shorter pins if you’re not fat. I use 5/8" pins for all sites.


I’m not sure it’s virgin muscle only, I read many very contradicting posts about this too. Another issue might be the EO (ethyl oleate) content, however the oil had a vegetable oil smell to it but I could not identify it based on smell alone. And if I was allergic I would assume that smearing it on my arm and leaving it there for some hours would cause some irritation, but none was present. So it bugs me to hell to not know what is causing this severe reaction or what exactly is in the gear .

I wish I could get my hands on genuine pharma grade Test E to compare with but the world is full of fakes. I’m looking forward to the advent of molecular scanners such as SCiO and TellSpec. When properly developed these could disrupt the anabolic industry for good and will cause the labs to up their standards or get extinct. You’ll know exactly what’s in your gear every time without being a guinea pig to some labs shortcuts.


Dude, believe you what you want.


lol wtf, clam down.

Happens to most people, just ride it out.

I still get some pip after years of gear use.


Dude shit happens when you ride with the devil… No pain no gain… Probably scrapped a vien… I do it all the time… Hell right now got a knot in my ass form pinning T prop and that shit stings… Since we are here to be helpful… If you are lean… You can pin side of quads or delts with a 29g slin… Now this only works if its a 1ml dose… If your pinning more you gotta strap on your big boy pants and go with 1" 23"s on a 3ml pin please dont be a fucktard load with a 18g otherwise it will hurt like a bitch and we will have to read a novel.
So since you are new I’d go with 250mg two pins M & TH probably best anyhow so you are more level and dont rage out on sunday when levels crash… Yes 29s are a bitch to load but painless… Pull plunger back duck tape to wall let drip in over 15min then pin… dimple the pin if you want it a lil deeper… NO BUTT DARTS 29s dont do that


Well thanks for all the advice. I have to say things changed ALOT…Last Wednesday I did 1ml split in two pins, one in the right quad (which was deflowered by then) and one in in the right virgin VG. This time I had NO flu symptons so that was a big welcome. There was a semi crippling pain but nothing compared to the two first pins. After a couple of days the pain started to go away.

Now last Saturday night I performed my second pin of the week and man what a change, it was the most smooth pin I had so far, I didn’t even have any instant PIP it felt like I injected nothing at all. And this was right before bed so I was kind of afraid of any potential pain arrising during the night but there was NONE!
In the morning my quad felt soar more like I had a case of DOMS than anything else. I’m really excited my body has finally adapted to this as that initial hurdle would have been unacceptable as I had to suspend my training for 2 weeks in order to recover from the repeated KO’s Test was giving me.

I feel super now, the only sides I’m getting is excessive sweating at night time, one time I had to remove my t-shirt in the morning as it was draining wet but this is a blessing compared to the crippling pain and flu symptoms.


of course it got better. We told you this. You were waaaaaaaay overthinking this. Maybe next time you’ll actually listen to the people who have been there before.


Well sorry overthinking is part of who I am with my background. And there’s a difference between reading about pain and wanting to die from pain :slight_smile: . And you read so many horror stories that you start thinking your deal with the devil went horribly bad.

I think I got the pinning down, I deflowered 4 places, both my quads and VG’s. So every site has 2 weeks of rest before it gets a new shot. The only big change I did last time was after I pulled the desired Test E from the vial, I removed the drawing pin (to prevent arcing) and put the syringe with the Test E in it in the microwave oven on very low settings to preheat it. This did a waaaay better job than using the hair dryer as this cooled down way too fast. This is definitely the way to go.

I also have to mention that I started 10mg of nolva ED since 4 days now. I noticed my nipples were getting soar to the touch and this coming from a guy who had zero feelings in them. I did not want to take any risks and the fact they got less sensitive now shows my precaution had some warrant to it.

How many weeks after starting a cycle is it wise to do blood works? Or is there no gold standard.