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Crippler's Log


Ok everyone, I'm in. I've been hanging out on the powerlifting forum for a while now. I've just recently got into this one. I've become hooked.

I'm 41 years old and have been training on and off since high school. I'm new to powerlifting and started that form of training in December of 2010. Since then I have been in three push/pull meets. I have another one coming up in June. I started using 5/3/1 in December 2011. For the record I am 5'11" and 240 pounds.

My best lifts are:

Bench: 365 in the gym and 336 in a meet
DL: 525 in the gym and 501 in a meet
Squat: 500 in the gym

I have goal of a 400 pound bench this year and 600 pound DL next.

I look forward to any help any of you can give me in the future. I am always looking for ways to get better.



Welcome and good looking lifts.


nice work, glad to have you


Welcome, Crippler. I think you'll find with numbers like that, a lot of us may be asking for your advice.


Welcome Crippler, You ll fit in fine in here. Your in the right place , The over 35 probable has a higher % of people that post regular, whom actually competes in power lifting more so then in the power lifting forum.(sad but true)


Thanks everyone.

Today was overhead press day.

Overhead Press: Warm up 1 x 10 x 45
1 x 10 x 65
1 x 5 x 95

                      1 x 5 x 140
                      1 x 5 x 160
                      1 x 5 x 180

Barbell Curls: 1 x 10 x 45
1 x 10 x 65
1 x 10 x 95
1 x 10 x 115

Machine Shoulder Press: 4 x 10 x 130
Front / Side Raises: 3 x 10 x 35

I'm not sure about everyone else's OP day on 5/3/1 but mine is normally a little lower key than the other three workouts.

Tommorow I will head north to a friend's gym for deadlift. He and his partner have been in the game for over 30 years. They have a meet coming up and invited me to help push them. It should be a great day.


Deadlift day. I had to travel about 50 miles to workout at my buddy's gym. He and another guy have a meet coming up on the 28th. They were looking for a little energy in their workout. I tried to help as much as possible.

It was my three rep week for 5/3/1.

Warm up:
1 x 10 x 135
1 x 5 x 185
1 x 3 x 225
1 x 2 x 275

3 x 3 x 335
3 x 3 x 380
3 x 4 x 435

Normally I would do assistance work, but they were not up to it, since they were closing on on a meet. I felt pretty strong. I was shooting for five reps at 435. I got number five to about my knees and the bar started to spin. I'm not sure what went wrong.


I was back at it today. It was time for some squats.

Warm Up:
1 x 10 x 135
1 x 5 x 225
1 x 5 x 275

1 x 5 x 330
1 x 5 x 380
1 x 9 x 425

Front Squat:
2 x 10 x 185
2 x 10 x 205

Leg Extensions:
4 x 10 x 260

Standing Calves:
4 x 12 x 395

It was a good workout and I felt pretty strong. 425 x 9 was a new personal best for my five rep week.


Welcome to over 35


Welcome, what meet are you going to be doing in June?


This is so true. The advice given is often very poor. Sometimes I'll check the profile of an advice-giver and find that it's some male (always male!) in his late teens/early 20s who has never done a meet. I find that funny.

425 x 9 squats? Wow. That's great.


@ Joe its a WABDL meet in Olympia, Washington. It was my first one in about 20 years when I went to it in 2011.

@ kpsnap, thanks. I will admit, however, number nine was a little high. I'm counting it anyway, because I really had to gut it out. I'm very sore today. Because of work and my prep for my last meet it had been a couple weeks since my last squat day.

Bench later this afternoon.


nice work in here

heard those Washington WABDL meets are pretty big deals. should be fun


Are WABDL meets just two lifts? No squat? I need a fed/meet that just has squat and DL.


yes, and quit crying about your bench press lady.


It's good for you to tell me to STFU.


Right, WABDL is just bench and deadlift. It's a pretty good fed, and really pro-lifter.

Today was bench:

1 x 10 x 135
1 x 5 x 185
1 x 3 x 225
1 x 3 x 245
1 x 3 x 275
1 x 3 x 315

Dumbell press:
1 x 10 x 85
1 x 10 x 90
1 x 10 x 95
1 x 10 x 100

High cable:
4 x 10 x 100

Machine Dips:
5 x 12 x 255

V-Bar pushdown:
1 x 100 x 160
5 x 20 x 190

I had wanted to hit the 315 for four or five reps. I kind of stalled on number three, so I racked the bar. I just purchased a new F6 shirt and I wanted to throw in a couple singles, but my workout partner bailed on me about one hour before our training session. Therefore, I had no one to help with my shirt. Had he called earlier I could have trained at my normal time, and there would have been plenty of guys I know to help.

I'll try to hit overhead press Wednesday and then two days off.



Overhead Press:
1 x 10 x 45
1 x 10 x 65
1 x 5 x 95
1 x 3 x 150
1 x 3 x 165
1 x 7 x 190

Barbell curls:
1 x 10 x 45
1 x 10 x 65
1 x 10 x 95
1 x 10 x 125

Machine Shoulder Press:
4 x 10 x 130

Front / Side Raises:
3 x 10 x 35

Now for two days off........


Awesome lifts Crippler welcome aboard.


Great WO's moving some very respectable weight.