Crippled Lifting

Just had surgery on my ankle yesterday to shave off bone spurs. Good side: should be able to squat for the first time in two-plus years, same for running of any distance. Downside: Looking like at least a month of no leg work, just when my DL was going up.

So I’m wondering if anyone has some suggestions on what kind of program to do for the next month or so while I recover. Main goal is strength, but also figured I could maybe take the opportunity to pack some mass on my torso and arms.

Was thinking of lifting four days a week, alternating push-pull days, each day built around a compound lift to start, then more compounds and isolation work, with abs, forearms, and neck thrown in at the end. Thought frequency and volume could both be pretty good this way. Any suggestions or thoughts, especially from other guys who have been in the same position before?

Anyone? Bueller?

Being injured sucks dick.

Alternate between push and pull days.

Let the leg heal.