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Cringiest Youtube Lifter I Have Ever Seen

Erick Burgenhausen

Has a ok base, but does nothing but trick lifts: split barbell hack squat, decline bench, ssb “front squat”, whole body snap power barbell curls, high angle DB rows, you name it

People just buy into his over the top monkey theatrics

So lame

You jelly bro?


I’m old school. My vote is still for the @DieselWeasel

I tagged him, just in case he still lurks. He’s sadly just a strong dude now, but the older videos were classics.


I got the leverages for some odd lifts too, I think you have seen, but I dont film myself shouting and monkeying around for youtube views

You are not a newbie, I am surprised that you can’t see that this is simply faggotry

Just as a example for my point: the only thing I do that comes close to what he does is DB row. I do them with torso parallel to the floor, with better form.

Do you think I can’t DB row like a retard 350lbs like that for at least 2-3 more reps than him? I got his kind of leverage (I am glad I am not as ugly as him though) He is also fortunate to have more compact DB than me, make it even easier.

I appreciate all forms of personal progression. If he likes lifts that aren’t in competition, than I’m happy he’s found something he enjoys.
I don’t think he’s ever claimed to be the strongest in the world or that he’s better than anyone else because of his choice of exercise.


I assumed the same about you, I’m baiting for discussion’s sake.

It is a little silly to scream and yell during lifts.

Thought so

But it’s not simply choosing lifts that arent in competition, it’s choosing odd trick lifts you are inclined to and trying to look hardcore with them

It’s like a guy with disproportionately short arm and wide torso with a huge bench press, only less obvious.


700 lb sumo

365 x 20 Back Squat


You mean like every world record holder in every disipline being anatomically suited for their chosen event?

He probably likes weird lifts because he’s efficient at them. Perceived proficiency often leads to the pursuit of continued perceived proficiency.


As I said, has an ok base but nothing crazy

That 1 inch sumo rom with crane arms is still cringe

And a set of squat with 1 hour pauses between each rep

Even his more “normal” lifts are still whack

That guy is a tart

Yep, which is still retarded

I don’t know why but this made me laugh really hard. Thank you

Why are you irritated at someone you deem a monkey? I mean, when you go to the zoo and see an ape doing something dumb, you laugh at it. You don’t get mad, do you?


That is how 20 rep squats are performed ala “Super Squats”. Really sucks compared to a straight set.


I did 20 rep squats a year ago several weeks in a row, and my last week was 365. Couldn’t find the video, but this was my 345.

Regardless, I’m saying this because I know EXACTLY what this is like.

20 rep heavy squats are one of the absolute most taxing things I’ve ever done in lifting. They were hell. When I did these, I was already back squatting weekly, and in reasonably good condition. I can’t imagine going into this the way he did after not back squatting for 3 years, as he indicated in the video. I’m definitely impressed. I’ll also say that the way he did this is indeed more difficult than my set. Holding the bar on your back that fucking long takes a serious toll.


The cringiest in my opinion has to be any lifts by Chad Castleberry hands down.


Anybody that can rock a solid 20 repper with 365 is a strong dude in my book.