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Cringe Worthy Youtube Videos


Check out this gymnast... man i hate these videos. I can barely watch them.

Post your cringe worth youtube videos here. I bet we could get some pretty awesome ones.


Fuck you gregron.

Fuck you in your stupid ass


But I will contribooooooot


Holy shit, Greg! Why'd you have to start this thread??!!

It's like a car wreck... you drive by telling yourself you won't look, but you always end up looking then regret it all night.


I know right!?!

I covered my face but still left enough room in between my fingers to actually see the video. So terrible


This one freaked me out for a bit when I first watched it.......



I don't have a cringe-worthy video, just a story. About 5 years back, when I used to umpire baseball, I was behind the plate when a pitcher broke his arm mid-throw. His humerus snapped and sounded like a wooden bat breaking as the throw ended up somewhere near the third base dugout. That fucked with my head for the next few games I did. I didn't have much of an appetite for a few days either.


oh damn that Willis McGahee video is so gross. I'm so glad I never got hurt playing football. Its amazing how fast he came back from that injury though. Knee injuries used to be a death sentence in sports but not anymore.


I die a little bit every time I see this vid:



Start at 1:36, the kid's big sister goes to my school and Parish. Watch his head.


It's a seizure he didn't die.



I can't believe this is on Youtube


I'm confused. Nothing happened?


Joe Theismann Leg Break


One of the classics. Skip to 50 sec

Good ol' Joe Theisman. I like how LT was freaking out trying to get the man some help. He looked so sad hah. Gentle giant


In that fail blog compilation ay 8:08 did they guy behind him shoot his hat off? If so HHEEEOLLYY SHHHIITT.


Damnit Max. Fuck you lol