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Crime/Detective Stories


I've been interested to get suggestions and recommendations for authors, series and novels relating to crime (true or fictional), forensic investigation and gripping detective type stories. Perhaps in the areas of police work rather than horror or the supernatural.

I've always been fascinated with TV programs and films with the investigation type element, especially using forensic science or deduction to solve crimes. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and the fictional character Sherlock Holmes is an obvious example but I was looking for something more modern and intense. As I said, fictional or true doesn't really matter. I understand this is hardly pleasant subject matter, so apologies for that.

Do any of you read such material or have an interest in this type of subject matter? Thanks.


Tried any Agatha Christie?
Or Banks? He's modern - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Iain_Banks

Only read a couple of his, so not sure of how much deduction (like Columbo you mean?) goes on?

Dragon Tattoo series worth it, I say.

Btw have u read the holmes novels? Well worth a read in any case.


There's a series I like by an author called Lee Child and he only writes about one character, Jack Reacher.

Reacher is an ex MP and now drifts across America getting himself into trouble. There's usually a murder or some sort of crime for Reacher to figure out but it's not too heavy at all with the CSI type stuff.
You could start with any book in the series as they are stand-alones. They all end with him walking off into the sunset so to speak.

In another thread last year I recommended these books and DJHT said he loved them.