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Crickets :)


I swear I can hear that when I try to warn tell an unsuspecting, idiotic, smartphone addicted American
public that’s also in a pharmaceutical haze, about the absolute certain next step in human evolution.
Theeeeeyy don’t have the slightest fucking clue until it hits 'em right in the Balls one day…Crickets.

WOW , you better put down that pipe :slight_smile:

Sorry ‘Pitt’, what WAS I thinking?
Thank you so much for reminding me oh mighty one, Of COURSE you’re smarter than Ray Kurzweil,
what the fuck does Ray Kurzweil know?..HEH, what a goofball!
Thanks for setting me straight my good Sir.

I am not sure why you would think I would disagree with this video , I liked it , I do not even think your first video was bad . My response was an attempt at humor :). I will check out the first web site . I personally do not predict the future . I will say I believe technology will create vast unemployment and if we are not careful it could have monumental consequences

Yeah man I caught that…I DON’T ‘‘predict’’ the future in terms of what’s gonna happen tomorrow, what the lottery
numbers are gonna be, unless you’re that guy that ‘‘saw’’ his winning numbers during the ‘‘Theta’’ brain wave state
in a documentary I saw lol.
But the ‘‘Singularity’’ and ‘‘Transhumanism’’ is an absolute certainty within the next 20-30 years, we’re on the road to THAT
no doubt, but the outcome could go either way good or bad, that I can’t predict, but being that we’re only human at the
moment, and HUMANS are initiating it, I’m leaning that we’re gonna fuck it up in the long run.