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From the 3/11 LA Times:

Bill Phillips, who made a fortune developing and selling food supplements and athletic performance aids through his company Experimental and Applied Sciences (EAS), has purchased a home in a guard gated Beverly Hills area community for just under $15 million.

Philips, 36, bought a newly built 17,000 square foot house with five bedrooms plus a three bedroom, 1,400 square foot guest house and a 3,000 square foot cabana.

The Palm Beach style home has a cloister style courtyard, five car garage, and a motor court. The home sits on a high bluff. Finishing touches are expected to take at least six months.

See guys. Get your head on straight and you could achieve this too. All you get is ‘Dangerously Hardcore’ while Bill gets the PHAT pad and Playboy bunnies. JUST KIDDING!! Thanks for keeping your priorities straight, I’d be a pencil necked geek without you guys.