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I have noticed a few people are getting frustrated with trying to convince the general public of the benefits of high protein/fat, low carbs, training properly etc. The way I look at it, who cares? If everyone else trained and dieted (and dosed) like us, we wouldn’t look as good in comparison. Let everyone else be a diabetic, obese slob-we can look like Gods!!

Heya Manimals. There’s a Sufi proverb that relates how those more nelightened should attempt to sway the ignorant when possible, thus creating a better world. If those with bitch-tits and beer bellies care to listen or beg for advice, it would be kind to dispense it akin to a mamalian pez machine. If, however, their ignorance and waxen brains need not be bothered with how their fat asses will choke the life out of them someday, so f’n be it.

"MB Eric: Proving that Iron is an essential nutrient for strong bodies since 1867."


Monkeyboy Eric…you crack me up :slight_smile:

I totally agree. I love the sensation of being on a higher level than the huddled masses. I savor the feeling I get when I correct my teachers about nutriton… fools. It gives my a high when I tell my doctor the pharmicology of the drug he is prescribing me and why I won’t take it; The frustration on his face fills me with . When ever someone asks if I am juiced up, I can eagerly tell him “no”. The best part is when a pretty girl tells me that she can barely give a back massage, it’s too stiff and muscley. Maybe I am being arrogant and insecure and I apologize. The point is I totally agree… Cretins.

Amen, brothers.