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Cressey's 'Regular Guy Off-Season' Program


Anyone have anytghing to say about Eric Cressey's "Regular Guy Off-Season Strength Program" and results they achieved?

Just curious.


I didn't do his thing to the T, but have followed other programs that have upper or lower and full body sessions in the same week. No one can say something is best or what you should do or what the result will most likely be without knowing the context or goal for which it's being used.

What are you using the program for?

It's not a bodybuilding program.

More details please.


Really more of a fishing expedition to see if anyone favored this type of program and for what purposes they were following it.


It's not used for pure bodybuilding purposes (eg, competing in bodybuilding or looking like a bodybuilder). Like ALL of EC's programs, it's used for strength and conditioning (which is naturally coupled with some size gains) in conjunction with sports training and by regular guys who want to stay in shape and gain some size and strength. I followed it while enjoying some other physical activities.