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Cressey/Robertson: Prone Scorpions


Hi guys,

Quick question on prone scorpions. Are they done fast or slow? As in, do I gun for distance (mine sucks right now) or concentrate on using the muscles to move it as far as possible?

Also, what's the cutoff for the exercise? Do I stop if the opposite shoulder lifts off the floor?

Thanks, I posted this in another thread but got no hits.


Somewhere in the middle, but there's a short pause at the end of ROM on each side.

A little shoulder lift is okay; just keep the hands on the ground and you'll be in good shape.


what are prone scorpions? I can't find any hits on the search page.


Check out the "Get Your Butt in Gear" series.


Thanks for the response.

Link to article (Get Your Butt In Gear II) is here:


This pic (which I hope goes through) was lifted from the Westside for Skinny Bastards II article (DeFranco). I assume that it shows great ROM. Or is it average?


It's just ok, hardly great. Someone who is great at that movement can put their foot over their shoulder with a little bit of opposite shoulder lift.

Average is probably somewhat less that the picture.


Blerk! Then I've got a LOT of work to do.


That photo would be good for your general fitness crowd and average for better athletes.