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Cressey, Norcross, et al...Fantasy Baseball

I know you two were playing fantast baseball last year. We going to get a T-mag league going this year?

Brent-I’m totally game. I’ll get a league set up through Yahoo and come back with the link for anyone who is interested. I was thinking about this last night, actually. Gimme a few hours. Live Draft! Anyone else interested?

Brent -

I’m up for it bro. Cressey and I just chatted about it and I think he is up for setting something up at yahoo.

I’m still trying to catch up with Cressey in fantasy basketball, but he is one tough dude to play against.

To anyone who is interested:

I just set up a free fantasy baseball league through Yahoo fantasy sports. You’ll need to register with Yahoo (if you aren’t already) to sign up. Here’s the info that you’ll need:

The name of the League is “Testosterone,” the ID# is 59338, and the Password is “forum”.

The live online draft will take place on Thursday, February 27 at 9:15 pm EST.

With Norcross and I registered, there are now 10 spots left; let’s fill them up! Don’t forget to prerank players, especially if you won’t be present at the draft.

Cress and Nor-Dog: All right, that’s what I like to hear! Yahoo is fine by me. Also, a live draft sounds good. If you set that up and people can’t make it, then it just does their list draft, so it’s all good live.

I’m signed up!

Who else is playing?

I’m in, but won’t be able to attend the live draft. Hopefully my set up will be key, and Texiera will fall into my hands. Or have I said too much??

Brent-If you can, try to go to the draft page a few hours in advance and turn on the automated draft feature. That way, everyone else won’t have to wait a few minutes each time you’re up. Thanks!

Bumping this up for anyone who is interested.

Cressey: I’m going to have my roommate draft for me from a list, but he doesn’t follow baseball, so if Rob Deer ends up on my team, it’s ain’t my fault.

Come on people. There has to be some other T-men to fill up the league!

I’m in…although my Spartan Pride NBA team sinks lower in the rankings each week, I’m hoping to perform better at baseball.

At the very worst, someone will have competition for last place.

Six teams in now…anyone else?

We need an even number.

I’m on my way to go sign up right now.

Ok, bitches, I’m in too.

I don’t post much on the boards but I have been around for awhile. I am in if there are still spots left.

Hey brewcrew…where are you at in the Midwest?

Good one, DocT.

brewcrew, are you in Milwaukee?

So who are everyone’s big sleepers this year…or are we not giving them away for strategy purposes??? Personally I always look for the guys who get themselves in great condition in the off-season, but I haven’t heard who’s done that this year. I did hear there’s a rookie for the Rangers that is a bodybuilding freak…I think his name is Laynce Nix.

I am in Chicago now but as my name gives it away I grew up in Milwaukee.

Bumpin’ up for one more player!

Still need one more to fill out the league. Anyone interested?