Crepitation or crepitus, for those of you who don’t know, is a frictional or creaking/rubbing/grinidng sensation in a joint or tissue. It seems to be a somewhat ambiguous term as I’ve seen it applied from everything from bone-on-bone grinding to a slight noise in a joint.

Anyway, my question is…

If you have a slight but noticeable ‘creaking’ sensation in a joint, does it necessarily indicate cartilage degeneration?? Is it possible to have it in a perfectly normal, healthy joint?

Is there anyone who has mild crepitus in their joints but is otherwise totally asymptomatic??? Or has arthritis is a joint in the absence of any crepitus??

if it doesn’t hurt, I doubt there’s a problem, but if you’re worried about it, get your omega threes and take some glucosamine for cartilage.

Note that i’m not qualified to give health advice. :wink:

OK let’s substitute ‘degenerative joint disease’ for ‘arthritis’… does crepitus necessarily mean DJD?

also, is creptitus permanent?

I wrecked my right knee some six years ago playing ice hockey (torn ACL/Meniscus/ligaments), and it healed such that … while I didn’t require surgery, I did require lots of physical therapy and no longer had a cartilige ‘barrier’ in my right knee. The only thing I was ever told was (a) don’t run long distance and (b) don’t squate.

(a) I joined cross country running right after, and from long distance running, have never had a knee problem.

(b) Squat heavy and hard all the time, and it’s done nothing but improve mobility and stability in the joint.

PS - Yes, it creaks like shit, if you put your ear near the joint or place your hand on it, you can feel the scraping of the bone on bone. It’s never given me a problem though !!

A few months ago, while walking upstairs at night, I heard the crunchy noise in my right knee.

Last night, I heard it for the first time in my left knee. Slightly different tone; no pain while walking. But these 47-year-old joints probably need some oiling up.

I have nothing constructive to say, but “Crepitus” is a really badass name for a medical condition.