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[quote]vroom wrote:
Do you at least smile or acknowledge people while you are staring down women and strangers?[/quote]

Yeah, not always but usually. I don’t know the friend that was saying it that well and I think he might be holding a grudge against me anyway. So maybe he shouldn’t be my friend but I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt. However I think there is a little truth to it so the plan is try to relax more.

Thanks for the feedback everyone.

i tell you what creepy is (true story)

i am at the gym, there is this super hot chick in her 20s doing squats near me
outta nowhere comes this guy about 3 times her age who tries to pick her up using this great opening :
"You do athletics? You are in great shape! How old are you? YOU MUST BE ABOUT THE AGE OF MY DAUGHTER"
she was obviosuly pretty freaked out… now i think that THIS is creepy…

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You know what else is creepy? Replying to an 11 year old thread!

did not see that… u got me!

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