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Creepy Kid Neighbor


OK guys, normally I don't air out personal things but I'm really not sure how to handle this one.

So my girlfriend lives alone in a normal residential neighborhood, and her house shares a driveway with the neighboring family. They're very nice people - regular working class folks - but they have this child who is probably between 7 to 10 years old who is just... well, fucking creepy.

He's never done anything, mind you, but it's just the demeanor, the look in the eye - you know how your stomach gets when you meet someone that is a bit off kilter? You get that with him. But he's never done anything aside from stare strangely at you when you pass him or whatever.

A couple months ago, however, she was pulling out the driveway with her brother in the car and they both swear up and down that he was doing the "cut your throat" motion to them. It was quiet again, and then we fast forward to today, when she's at my house and then gets a text from her upstairs tenant that there were chalk drawings of decapitated stick figures scrawled all over the driveway, and one special one written on her stoop - done so that it can be read from the door - that says, "You will die."

Now, kid's kind of an outcast, you can tell he's socially awkward, etc. etc. and part of me has felt bad for him in the past - he's probably just crying out for attention. But his demeanor and the look in his eye are genuinely horror-movie creepy, and I've dealt with lots and lots of scumbags. I don't get wary around people.

Is this a child crying out for attention? Or is this actually the launching pad for someone who has some pretty severe psychological issues that could lead to real problems in the future? Writing "You will die" on someone's stoop UPSIDE DOWN so that it can be read from the door... that's seeming pretty serious to me.

What do I do with this one?

Thanks for any input guys. I know there is someone on this site that stayed awake during their psychology class...


kill him before he kills you




Obviously you should ask random people on the internet instead of talking to the kids parents...


Is his name Damien?


Document every damn thing you can, including pictures.

I doubt the police will do anything at the moment even if they are death threats, but consider at least talking to them.

Also, have you talked to the kid's parents?


Terminate him with extreme prejudice!


If you have his age right I would say yes to the "launching pad" idea. It's extremely abnormal for a 7-10 year old to be doing the things you are describing. If he was just a little older, say 12 years old, I would say he's just screwing with you but not at ten, that's just freaky.


Hes threatening your girlfriend not you.

How do you know your ladyfriend isnt going to try to destroy the world and the kid isnt a ghost sent from the future to destroy her?

You should tear up your girls house to find out everything you can about her

This girl is up to something


Tickle him till he shits himself!!!!


If he was a 13 year old I believe he would be fucking with you. But at that age, It is definitely something you want to worry about.


Thanks shit for brains. I never would have thought of that.

Those things are already in the works. I'm just curious - as I said - if this is something that is extremely abnormal and what it signifies for the future as far as this kid's psyche is concerned.


You've gotta do it the same to him, but worse. You have to get your feces and write in it all over his bedroom, say things like ''I know where you live'' and ''Santa isn't real'' etc.

Then hide under his bed and talk in your best Christopher Walken voice until he shits himself. Then when he runs to his parents you leave out the window, they come in see the shit on the walls and his bed. They see he has problems. Get him fixed. Done. No more creepy kid.

If that doesnt work talk to his parents, that doesnt sound in anyway normal. If pets around the neighbourhood start being killed mysteriously, then you've got yourself a serial killer.


My girlfriend just got done reading The Gift of Fear which is basically about how human intuition is usually correct in regard to this sort of behavior. If you have an uneasy feeling about this kid then it's surely for a reason, plus his behavior isn't acceptable. Don't let this stand and become the victim of another kid who "was just quiet, but never bothered anyone." Better off to approach the parents and be seen as a dickhead than have something terrible happen to your girlfriend.


That sounds like a perfect plan if done correctly. The parents must be away, and the kid someone else in the house. :wink:


Kay bro.


Ok, my 2 cents:

1) Take pics of what the kid has done.
2) Go talk with the parents to see what's up.

If the kid is as you say, either the parents will know about it and be actively working on it OR (more likely?) the parents are the root cause. See how the parents react. Be nice and respectful/etc. Tell them you are worried about him. Chances are they will deny that he did it, but they will know he did it. See what you can learn.

After meeting the parents, you have to honestly ask yourself if you have a legitimate reason to believe the kid is being abused. If you do, you have to report it, IMO.

Now I don't know how NJ is, but if it's like other states, the child abuse investigators are underpaid, overworked bureaucrats who are "trying to make a difference" but are being given little support and incredible legal burdens. A close family member of mine did it for one year. Within 4 months her caseload was over double the "maximum" they claimed she would have before they hired her. She saw horrible, horrible things. She decided to quit after one year because she knew she could not do the job effectively, and if/when one child fell threw the cracks, she would be held legally responsible. So realize what you are getting yourself involved with.

IMO, your primary concern is with 1) Your girlfriend's safety, 2) the welfare of the child, 3) the welfare of your community. HOPEFULLY, when you go talk with the parents, they are aware of the situation and actively working to help. Realistically, that probably won't be the case.

Situation sucks. Good luck.


He's probably trying to get in your head so he can steal your girlfriend brah


Gambit Lost made a great post with excellent points -the parents' reaction should be key.

Another poster mentioned the dead animals bit , which has an extremely high correlation to translate to adult behavior. Seriously, if dead animals (mutilated as well?) or "lost" cat or dog posters start showing up in your neighborhood, you will have to either move or kill the kid first (just hyperbole of course) before he kills you.


Just hope he doesn't show up at the door with black eyes